The most impressive pictures of the Garmin Forerunner 245 to date have surfaced ahead of its introduction

The most impressive photograph of the Garmin Forerunner 245 so far has surfaced ahead of its introduction.

Forerunner 245 by Garmin

There have been a lot of leaks recently as we get closer and closer to the introduction of the Garmin Forerunner 245. There are a few more photographs that have been posted online, originating from two different sources. These provide a magnified view of the watch, revealing its full beauty. We also have some further rumored technical specifications.

We are able to disclose the fact that one of the photographs was obtained from Weibo. Garmin only recently made the announcement that the Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat will be serving as the company’s official spokesperson. Concurrently, a number of photographs serving as advertisements for Garmin products were published on the Chinese platform. There was an instance of this on the Forerunner 245, but it was removed almost immediately. The second image was derived from a resource located in Taiwan.

The photographs are consistent with those that were published by the FCC a few days earlier, indicating that they are most likely the genuine article. As can be seen, the design is a hybrid that combines elements of the Forerunner 645 and 935. In point of fact, if you remove the metal bezel off the 645, you will have the same device as the 245.

There are a total of five buttons on this thing, and rather than being located on the bezel, the indications for start/stop, back, down, up, and last are all on the screen itself. The start/stop button has just been given an alluring colored line surrounding it. For the black case iteration, the line is colored red; for the white case iteration, it is colored white; and for the cyan version, it is colored cyan.

It is anticipated that the dimensions of the watch will be the same as those of the Forerunner 645. This indicates that its dimensions will be 13.5 mm on each side of a 42.5-mm square.

According to earlier rumors, there will be two different versions: a premium one that has built-in storage for music, and one that does not have this feature. It is likely that the Forerunner 245 Music will have the same capacity for on-board storage as the 645 Music, which is up to 500 songs.

The most impressive photograph of the Garmin Forerunner 245 so far has surfaced ahead of its introduction.

image magnified down below (the first of the three watches shows the music player interface)

Additionally, owners should anticipate a greater number of firstbeat measures than in the past. Only the Vo2Max, calories burned, Aerobic Training Effect, and Recovery Time Adviser are included on the 235. There are a total of fourteen pieces included in the MARQ collection, although the precise number is unknown to us. It is unreasonable to anticipate receiving all of these, but the 245 should anticipate receiving a significant number of them.

It is speculated that the battery life will be comparable to that of the 645. This indicates that the device should run for up to 7 days without needing a charge when in smartwatch mode and for up to 5 hours while in GPS mode (with music).

Ahead of the launch, the best photographs we’ve seen thus far of the Garmin Forerunner 245 have surfaced.

It is important to emphasize that none of this has been proven at this time. However, if you have been considering acquiring the Forerunner 235, it is recommended that you hold off for the time being. The presentation of its follow-up ought to take place in the very near future!

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