The Most Recent Iteration of Hublot's Smartwatch Lineup is Called the Big Bang E UEFA Champions League

The unveiling of Hublot’s next limited-edition special-purpose smartwatch will take place at the same time as today’s draw for the UEFA Champions League. This did not occur by chance. For the sake of the competition, the clock is only being produced in a restricted quantity.

The timepiece has been around for a while now. The Big Bang E WearOS watch, which was released earlier this year, served as the inspiration for this timepiece. The previous one set us back a whopping $5,800, but we are not yet certain of how much this one will cost. Perhaps even more, given that there will only be 500 created.

This most recent edition includes a few extra features in comparison to the ordinary version that are all related to the UEFA Champions League. To begin with, users have a variety of themed dials from which to choose. Some of these dials can even be altered to look like the uniform of their preferred team.

However, that is not the end of the story. The UEFA Champions League tournament color is blue, which is reflected in both the ceramic casing and the rubber strap that come with the watch.

Users will receive notifications to ensure that they do not miss the start of the match, as well as updates when goals are scored, fines are given, substitutions are made, yellow and red cards are dished out, and other important events occur. The companion smartphone app gives you the ability to modify all of these settings so that you are not inundated with notifications. Existing Hublot Big Bang e owners will also be able to use this app with their watches.

The Big Bang Referee, a gadget that was introduced for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, is the most well-known of all the smartwatches produced by the Swiss business. A continuation of the Euro Cup was supposed to take place at the beginning of 2020, but that has been delayed. The competition is scheduled to take place the next year, coronavirus not withstanding. It is interesting to note that they will keep using the name UEFA EURO 2020. Hublot will definitely show off the newest version of their watch in time for that event.

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