The most recent update for the Galaxy Watch addresses Samsung's battery concerns

The standard and LTE versions of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch have both started receiving a firmware update, which is being rolled out by Samsung. The updated firmware not only makes the device more stable but also extends the battery’s life, increases the heart rate sensor’s accuracy, and more.

The operating system of the Galaxy Watch has now been updated to Tizen as a result. A short while ago, the company brought its Gear S3 and Gear Sport lines up to version

In the past several months, a number of owners of the Samsung Galaxy Watch have expressed dissatisfaction with charging and overheating difficulties with their watches’ batteries. They stated that the watch is sending them messages informing them that it is getting too hot to wear it. This happens almost exclusively when making use of the charging pad.

This update is the most recent effort made by Samsung to address this issue. The 62.75 MB update for the Bluetooth edition not only extends the life of the battery, but it also makes the heart rate sensor more reliable and comes with the usual bug fixes.

The LTE version is getting a smaller upgrade of 14.33 megabytes, but it is nonetheless crucial because it prevents it from falling behind. The software addresses a problem in which the phone number information did not appear when the user dialed the number. Additionally, it makes the process of activating an eSIM more stable and fixes the problem that causes the VoLTE icon to disappear.

If you have enabled automatic updates for your watch via the Galaxy Wearable app, the update should download to it without further intervention. Users can initiate a manual upgrade under the item labeled Settings in the About Watch menu.

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