The most up-to-date Suunto comparison for 2022

We’re going to do a Suunto comparison right now. Suunto is a Finnish multisport smartwatch company best known for its Suunto 9 watch. Suunto watches are also noted for their robustness and high-quality construction, as well as their long battery life and customizable battery settings. If you’re interested in ultramarathons, a Suunto will be the first brand you look into.

Introduction to the Suunto Comparison

Because of the brand’s heritage, you can trust a Suunto watch to be accurate. To explain, Tuomas Vohlan, the founder of Suunto, patented his liquid-filled compass 80 years ago. When compared to dry compasses, this was a revolution because it delivered a new degree of accuracy in readings. In the 80 years since, the corporation has only done bigger and better things. Although they aren’t as well-known as Fitbit or Garmin, athletes in the know value their wearables. There are a few things to consider before purchasing a Suunto watch. The pricing will be the first consideration. The Suunto 9 is the most popular, but it’s also the most expensive, and you might not need it.

As a result, with typical fitness tracking functions, the Suunto 3 or 5 may strike a better balance between usefulness and pricing (the former being less expensive).We like to promote models with built-in GPS here at SuperWatches, and the Suunto 9 and Suunto 5 are no exception. That is, you can be free of your smartphone when out running, for example. Of course, none of these will fit you if you prefer listening to music while driving because none of them have inbuilt music storage. Instead, you’ll get a solid multisport option. Your Suunto, for example, would keep meticulous records of your activity. For example, for activities like cycling and swimming, you can track laps, lap pace (in real time), and your maximum and average speeds.

Suunto 9 Baro

The Suunto 9 Baro is the first watch in our Suunto comparison. It is nearly identical to the 9 save for two minor variations. The addition of a barometer is the first and most visible. Second, the display is protected by sapphire crystal glass, which is scratch-resistant. You’ll have to spend an extra 20% on top of the $9 price for these two extras, but we think it’s well worth it.

Mountaineers and trail runners who like to know their altitude differences during their sessions will enjoy the 9 Baro’s features. Furthermore, the 9 Baro has a storm alarm that will notify you if you need to skip a day or seek shelter if you’re already out.

The good news is that these extra capabilities have no detrimental impact on battery life, which is important for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. Essentially, the 9 Baro has all of the features that the brand has to offer. Without them, the 9 is a 9g lighter watch and, as a result, a less expensive option. When you consider the price, you certainly get a lot of watch! And it’s a big one. The 9 and 9 Baro are solid components, even when compared to Garmins, which are recognised for their heft.

Despite the lack of a barometer, the 9 has several redeeming qualities. The wrist-based heart rate monitor, touch screen, 100m water resistance, vibration motor, and battery modes with up to 120 hours of usage are among the features.Finally, the onboard compass, which uses a mix of GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, and GALILEO, is extremely accurate.

Suunto 5 Peak

The Suunto 5 Peak was introduced in the beginning of February 2022. Suunto’s previous multisport GPS watch, the Suunto 5, has been slimmed down and made more appealing. The Suunto 9 Peak was released last summer, and this is essentially a follow-up. In terms of the outside design of the watch, as well as a smattering of new software and hardware functions.

For the most part, the Suunto 5 series offers a low-cost entry point into more expensive multisport watches. This is one of the series’ primary selling factors. The Suunto 9 series, for example, has essentially identical software to the Suunto 9, but it lacks a barometric altimeter and a touchscreen, as well as a reduced but still useful battery life.

Suunto 9 Peak

Designed to provide the kind of unforgettable moments and awe-inspiring feelings that only sport can provide. Suunto’s 9 Peak is the thinnest, smallest, and hardest watch the brand has ever made. The Suunto 9 Peak is a terrific companion, allowing you to incorporate a piece of your outdoor flair into every aspect of your life thanks to its superb design and huge selection of attachments. Designed to comfortably suit any arm. The 9 Baro has a vast feature set and a great battery life. In Tour mode, you can travel from 25 to 170 hours with the greatest GPS.

For lightweight, high-quality materials, sapphire glass, and grade 5 titanium were used. This item is of the greatest quality, having been handcrafted in Finland and rigorously inspected. Titanium is a durable, scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic metal. The sumptuous appearance and feel are also indescribable.

Suunto’s app provides sport-specific themed maps and popular starting spots to help you organize your journey. The 9 Peak is a long-lasting tactical smartwatch that is waterproof to 100 meters. It can be used to jog on roads, trails, or tracks, or it can be used to engage in one of 80 sport modes. Furthermore, the 9 Peak includes a new watch face that displays your weekly training and encourages you to try new things.

Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black

The Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black is a versatile piece of equipment that can easily transition from the office to an adventure. Suunto, the world’s leading maker of sports watches, dive computers, and compass/compass modules, introduces the Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black. The brand’s distinctive line has been strengthened with the inclusion of a diamond-like carbon coated titanium bracelet. The Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black sports watch can be worn in more formal settings with the connected silicone band while still being able to handle a variety of activities and adventures.

The entire line, including the new Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black, is made in Finland using totally renewable and carbon-neutral energy. Every element that makes the Suunto 9 Peak an industry leader is featured, including a 25-hour battery life with best GPS and seven days in “Tour” mode, over 80 sports modes with adjustable display options, blood oxygen readings, and a one-hour charge. It was only recently released (May 2022).

Suunto 7

The Suunto 7 is the next device in our Suunto comparison. It’s also unusual because it occupies a peculiar market niche, midway between an expensive fitness tracker and a casual running watch. It costs more than the Apple Watch 6 and the Garmin Venu, in fact. That isn’t to say that it isn’t a fine timepiece! The Suunto 7 does really have a lot to offer: a vivid display, clever features, precise HRM, and inbuilt GPS, to name a few. It also includes heatmaps and offline maps for running and cycling. It has a touchscreen and push buttons for controls, which some runners find extremely useful. Wear OS software is installed, which provides navigation shortcuts for further convenience.

If you draw a line between the Fitbit Versa 3 and the Garmin Forerunner 945, the 7 is slightly closer to the latter. When it comes to battery life, though, the Versa outperforms the Suunto. In particular, you should expect a charge cycle of roughly two days, which isn’t great when compared to dedicated running watches and even its brothers.Finally, the 7’s biggest flaw is its pricing; despite being a competitor to Apple, we don’t think anyone will choose the 7 over the Apple Watch.

Suunto 5

The Suunto 5 is the next model in our Suunto comparison. What are the advantages of the 5? To begin with, it is more lightweight and compact than the others. So, if you don’t want a large device, this is a wonderful option. It offers all of the features of the Suunto 9, including the two-week battery life and battery modes, global positioning, and a wrist-based HRM, despite being lighter. Although you can’t have everything for a lesser price, you must automatically sacrifice screen quality, with a resolution of 218 x 218 pixels. Now, unless you get a lot of notifications, this might not be an issue for you, but some people have complained that the small font is difficult to read while exercising. However, you should truly concentrate on your session.

Overall, it’s a fantastic everyday tracker, which is exactly what it was created to be. After you’ve finished running, the 5 will provide you with some useful post-run statistics that is significantly more detailed than anything a Fitbit or an Apple Watch can currently provide. You might be able to acquire it for a much cheaper price as an Amazon Renewed item.

Suunto 3

The Suunto 3 Fitness can help you improve your overall fitness. The optical heart rate-powered adaptive training and recuperation coaching make this more than a fitness tracker, especially given the price. This is a fantastic alternative if you don’t mind not having GPS and can overlook a few flaws.

It’s what we’d call a fitness watch for beginners. If you’ve finished an Ironman race, are running your fourth marathon, or want to create your own training regimens, this isn’t the watch for you. If you’re just getting started and want to get in shape, on the other hand, this has a lot to offer. With optical heart rate-powered training routines and a sleek wear-it-everywhere design, Suunto hopes to bring some of its sports monitoring talents to the mainstream with the 3 Fitness.This watch, which starts at (for the Gold and All Black varieties), was created with one key purpose in mind: to assist you in improving your fitness levels.

It’s worth noting, though, that this watch will be better suited to those who are just getting started. The Suunto 3 Fitness is a stark contrast to Suunto’s customary huge, rugged, and multi-skilled adventure watches, such as the Spartan Trainer Wrist HR. This is more of a motivational tool for daily life than a mountain-climbing aid.

What else?

It’s also Suunto’s reaction to Garmin and Polar, which have been busy redesigning their watches to appeal to individuals who prefer to wear them all the time and adding additional smartwatch functions to compete with wearables like the Apple Watch 3 and other Wear OS devices. Suunto has done a nice job here for the most part. Despite the lack of a built-in GPS, which may deter some users, you get a lot of valuable fitness features for your money. There’s typical speed, distance, and calories sport monitoring for running, cycling, swimming, and walking, as well as optical heart rate on the wrist for in-workout and 24/7 heart rate tracking. You may also keep track of your sleep and activities.

It’s also waterproof up to 30 meters, so you may swim in it. The watch gets genuinely exciting when adaptive training – guided workouts to help you improve your fitness – is included. This is backed up with recovery recommendations and even a Suunto-developed tool called Resources that allows you to see how much stress your body is under in real time. It’s also waterproof up to 30 meters, so you may swim in it.

The watch gets genuinely exciting when adaptive training – guided workouts to help you improve your fitness – is included. This is backed up with recovery recommendations and even a Suunto-developed tool called Resources that allows you to see how much stress your body is under in real time.

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

The Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR, which comes in second to last in our Suunto comparison, is the Apple SE to the Series 6 in terms of functionality. It has the same screen and design as the iPhone, but it lacks the fancy GPS and battery options. Some, though, believe it is more appealing.

For the money, you get a good multisport smartwatch that is durable and water-resistant to 100 meters, with a battery life of two weeks in ‘Time’ mode. You’ll get 40 hours of battery life in active mode because you’re not receiving the battery modes.

Suunto Traverse Alpha

The Suunto Traverse Alpha is the final model in our Suunto comparison. It can track hunting and fishing despite having a lower resolution of 128 x 128 pixels.

This mode can be utilised at night to provide information such as moon phase, sunrise alert, shot detection, and weather. Suunto believes they are appealing to a previously untapped market.

You also get sapphire crystal glass that is scratch-resistant, a water-resistant stainless steel case, 100 hours of battery life, and a backlight that acts as a torch in addition to these features.

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