The Movado Watches: A Discussion


Movado has been producing Swiss watches for more than 100 years. Their first significant break came during the 1940s as their Museum watch. From that point forward, they’ve been making straightforward yet bold watches. 

These days, Movado is essential for a group that joins MVNT and Concord. Movado makes watches that are stunning to look at and reasonable to afford.

Each Movado watch conveys the Swiss-made stamp, even though they’re an American company now. They’re still highly centered around the original Museum watch and have created it. It’s presently more significant with a possibly altered design to stay aware of the times.

Their general design is moderate, now and again very nearly inconveniently so; it’s difficult to say what time it is precisely. Movado watches took a portion of the Museum watch’s features and combined them into the present designs to make excellent dress watches.

The watches are cost-sensitive Swiss watches. How might you, at some point, go off track? We should see what’s on offer:

Museum Stainless Steel (Black)

Cost: $1,095.00

As referenced, the Museum is the signature model of all Movado watches. You can’t deny the plan here, and it’s unmistakable right away. The Movado logo sits at the six position, and that is essentially every one of the markings you get! There’s one single massive spot at the 12 position.

The design comes from the first 1940s version, and they’ve been unobtrusively adding components of it into a lot of their models. This one has a black dial with a differentiating stainless steel case and a stainless steel armband or black leather wristband.

The case is 39mm by just 8mm. The dial is safeguarded by precious sapphire stone, which is scratch-safe. As guaranteed, the Swiss-made logo is stamped on the back.

Inside, you’ll track down Swiss-made quartz, and the entire watch is resistant to water from 30m so that you can have a shower in it, yet all at once, not significantly more.

Museum Bold Ladies Gunmetal

Cost: $392.99

The Museum collection is tremendous. They have a fantastic corner where bold metals like gold, rose gold, gunmetal, black, and silver are utilized. It makes the exciting design genuinely pop.

The stainless steel gunmetal ladies version truly sticks out. The case is 34mm and is super modern as well as smooth. It flaunts the marked spot at the 12 position and offers hour and minute markers. All the other things are brilliantly moderate.

The matching band comes in a similar material and variety. The dial is safeguarded by precious mineral stone, which is a disgrace not to be sapphire. Inside is Swiss-made quartz to keep it precisely letting you know the time.

Bold Blue Sunray Dial

Cost: $427.01

The style improves. This Museum model gets away from the effortlessness of different models without markers. This one arrives in a single blue, which is simply flavorful. It offers three sub-dials, which vary from the first. They are hours and minutes as well as the day of the week.

The clock runs second hand.It has a place in the Bold collection. It has a stainless steel case which is blue particle plated—the lattice strap matches. The actual case is enormous, coming in at 44mm, yet all the same and, on the other hand, slender at 10mm.

Masino Stainless Steel Chronograph

Cost: $433.54

Assuming you’re available for something more dressy, this choro is fantastic. It has a reasonable black dial and has the exemplary 12 dots. It offers three sub-dials and minute and hour hands around the case.

This watch is shockingly tiny, implying it’s the ideal size to slide under a dress shirt. It’s just 40mm by 10mm and a basic stainless steel watch that you can work into any event. It’s resistant to water for up to 30m, which is helpful.

Movado Dress Watch with leather strap

Cost: $386

Moving along from the Chrono is another dress watch with a traditional look. It has a primary white dial that shows off three-sided hour markings.

It moves away a little bit from the look you’ve come to perceive inside the Museum range. Certainly, somebody enjoys something subtle, however tasteful.

The case is 40mm by 10mm, and a sapphire gem safeguards the dial. This time you get a date window at the three positions. It has quartz movement within and is resistant to water for up to 30m.

Movado Heritage Chrono

Cost: $795.00

A blend of dress and sport here, the Legacy Chrono is similar to those mentioned above. It confesses all dials in ivory as opposed to white and are black sub-dials. There’s a negligible, round silver case, a modest 26mm by 6mm. 

The detail that stands apart the most is the air openings which point out blCk against the tan leather band. It has chrome pushers around the side. It has quartz movement within, and this one is resistant to water for up to 100m.


There is no question about whether Movado watches have become famous. They show the time and their inconspicuous features so elegantly it’s challenging to beat.

It’s somewhat expensive considering options that likewise offer similar quality. However, the cost could put specific individuals off. Raising the cost has driven requests away from the mid-range as they creep toward extravagance.

The response is, “it depends.” It relies upon what your necessities are in a watch, on the off chance that you need something refined, without a doubt. Everything about the plan and assembly is picked with care. It’s challenging to make something minimal look so wonderful.

If you need something you can browse in a moment, perhaps they’re not really for you. The mark speck at the 12 position can make it hard to know the time.

Maybe you might want to see more assortment? They’re delightful, without a doubt, yet the designs don’t wander anywhere near each other. Assuming that you like them, indulge yourself. 

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you don’t know, continue to look until you can be sure that you’ve tracked down the watch for you. Considering you like the minimal vibe, you need to look at the excellence of straightforwardness from Skagen (and the costs could suit you better, too).

Do not forget to mention any queries that you may have in the comment section below. 

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