The MyZone MZ-Switch is a PPG and ECG heart rate monitor that can be switched out

The MyZone MZ-Switch is a dual-sensor heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate from your chest, arm, or wrist.

According to the MyZone website, the PPG tracks low-intensity activity on the wrist or arm with 95% accuracy.That’s what regular smartwatches give you. If you’re running, swimming, or doing other exercises that require repetitive arm movements, you should wear the device in these places. To activate the optical reading, press a little button on the side of the device.

When you wrap the gadget around your chest, the ECG sensor monitors your heart rate with 99.4% accuracy. That level of precision is comparable to that of medical equipment used by health professionals.

For more extreme activities like HIIT, you’ll want to utilize this setting. Swimming is the only workout you can’t do in this mode.

Users will benefit from the combination of both sensors because the data will be of higher quality than if only one PPG sensor is used. The MZ Switch gets its name from this type of adaptability.

The MZ-Switch can also be worn on the wrist, arm, or chest, which is a unique feature. There are many heart rate monitors available that can be worn on the chest only, with a handful that can also be worn on the arm. However, none of them feature the wrist as a third option in addition to those two.

The MyZone MZ-Switch is a PPG and ECG heart rate monitor that can be swapped out.

Heart rate monitors don’t have screens, so there isn’t one on the gadget. When worn on the wrist, however, there is an LED indicator display that shines in one of five colours. You’ll be able to tell what heart rate zone you’re in without having to look at your phone.

MyZone also features a points system that recognises your accomplishments. Wear the device and earn what are known as Myzone Effort Points (MEP). These prizes are given out for general physical exercise that raises your heart rate. It complies with the World Health Organization’s Physical Activity Guidelines.

Other features include ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility. There is connectivity with Apple, Samsung, and Garmin cardio equipment and watches. You may also use third-party apps like MapMyRun, Strava, and MyFitnessPal to sync your stats.

The MyZone MZ-Switch is a PPG and ECG heart rate monitor that can be swapped out.

The device itself can save up to 36 hours of exercise data. Depending on usage, the battery lasts between 3 and 6 months. When worn on the wrist, you may expect a battery life of roughly 35 hours, which is comparable to many watches. The use of the chest consumes far less energy.

The Myzone MZ-Switch is available for purchase on the firm’s website. A storage pouch is included in the $159.99 price, so you can keep all of your gear together.

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