The New Fossil Gen 5E

The brand-new Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch is more affordable, more refined, and more compact than ever before.


The brand-new Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch has been released. It is available in the standard 44mm size for larger wrists in addition to 4 new 42mm case sizes designed specifically for ladies. The Julianna, which is this watch’s predecessor, was only available in a 44mm casing.

Actually, there are four different 42mm types. The AMOLED screen is still 1.19 inches, and the casing is still as thick as 12 millimetres, despite the fact that the case has shrunk. This gives the impression that the display is larger, brighter, and more vivid.

Depending on the style that you select, the bezel that surrounds the case may be plain or it may be embellished. In any case, it is secured to an 18-millimetre strap. You have the option of purchasing this item with a gold, rose gold, or two-tone stainless steel finish.

For the band, you have the option of purchasing either a bracelet made of links or a mesh band made of stainless steel; however, if you are more active, the silicone strap may be more suitable for you.


To begin, there is no need for concern if you are a devoted follower of the 44mm since you will not be dissatisfied. You may have this model in black with a bracelet band made of stainless steel, or you can get it in matching black with a band made of black silicone. For those with more refined tastes, we recommend the gunmetal grey with the brown leather strap. The width of the bands and straps is 22mm.

Second, you should be aware that the design of the most recent Gen 5 devices is different from that of earlier versions. The case has only a single crown, which can be located in the middle of the button guards. There are no other buttons on the case. The bezel has a textured appearance.


The most recent update included Fossil’s brand new Wellness software, which is now available on the Gen 5E. Included in this update is a brand new fitness app that has been designed to minimise the drain on the device’s battery. 

Using this gadget will finally provide you with accurate tracking of your sleep. It even comes with a feature that helps save more battery life.

The exterior has been updated, but the interior is mostly unchanged from its previous iteration. There is a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 CPU included. There is now a Snapdragon Wear 4100, however, it has just recently begun to become available for purchase. The fact that the Gen 5 contains 1 gigabyte of random access memory (RAM), which truly helps to sustain its performance for day-to-day use, is the nicest component.

The cost and the scheduled launch date 

Pre-orders for the Fossil Gen 5E can be placed at any time, and the day when the shipment will begin is November 3.

You can place a pre-order for it right now on Amazon for the price of $249.

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