The new G-Shock Mudmaster from Casio is a more durable and advanced model than its predecessor

Casio has recently launched the newest installment in the Mudmaster range of its products. The new product line is more capable than ever before of withstanding the most challenging environments, and it also features some upgraded intelligence.

The Carbon Core Guard technology is first made available by the company with the release of the Mudmaster GG-B100. The robustness of the device is improved as a result, while at the same time, it becomes more compact and weighs less.

A carbon fiber reinforced resin housing and filters placed beneath each button offer further protection against the infiltration of mud and are included as part of the stress resistant structure. Both the case back and the bezel are made of stainless steel, and the bezel is laminated three times. As is the case with all G-SHOCK products, this one is water resistant to depths of up to 200 meters, not that you are going to need that feature anytime soon.

The most recent Mudmaster line, in contrast to its models that came before it that only had three sensors, comes with a total of four sensors. In addition to the standard temperature, digital compass, and air pressure and altitude gauges, this comes with an accelerometer that can keep track of how many steps you take.

Because these watches are not intended for serious sports, this list does not have a heart rate sensor. They are made more for people who participate in physically demanding outdoor sports, which is where the durability and roughness come from.

Mudmasters are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which enables them to communicate with the Casio Connected app. In this section, in addition to the option to record your present location, you will find information pertaining to your course and altitude. The watch’s display includes a second hand that displays your previously recorded destination, and the LCD also displays the distance traveled.

Other typical G-SHOCK features include a calorie calculator, the ability to customize mode and display switching, global time with automatic time adjustment, LED lighting, and a Phone Finder. All of these features can be customized.

The Mudmaster GG-B100 range, which retails for $350 and made its debut in Japan around a month ago, will not be available in the United States and the United Kingdom until the 1st of August. Orange, black, and khaki are the three color choices that are available. You may find more information about them on Casio’s website.

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