The new GPS sports watch from Xiaomi is the most affordable option, Yunmai

A GPS sports watch that will soon be released by Xiaomi was the subject of a teaser a few days ago. As of today, the crowdsourcing campaign for a product called the Xiaomi Yunmai is up and running.

The inexpensive wristwatch can be acquired through the Youpin platform for the low price of 699 Yuan, which is approximately $100. This is a product that is offered by a third party, and it was manufactured by Yunmai, which is a partner firm of Xiaomi. The company is well recognized for the variety of affordable smart scales that it offers.

When compared to the cost, the specifications are quite excellent. This is especially true when taken into consideration. Although Xiaomi has not disclosed any information regarding the operating system, it is likely that it will be the same proprietary platform that is used by Amazfit devices. Xiaomi has not revealed any details regarding the operating system.

A 1.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels and a display color gamut that is 90 percent NTSC is included in the Xiaomi Yunmai, which is quite comparable to the Amazfit Verge. The item is constructed out of PC and ABS plastic, which gives it the ability to withstand extreme temperatures as well as impacts. The strap is comprised of a silicone material that is air-permeable.

Yunmai has a standard mode, but it also offers an option that reduces the amount of power it uses by turning the screen off while it is not being actively used. The whole thing comes with a battery that has a capacity of 420 mAh and has the ability to go an astonishing 4 days without needing to be recharged.

Under the hood, there is a heart rate sensor, a strong 9-axis sensor, and a positioning system that utilizes both GPS and GLONASS. The positioning system also has an embedded U-BLOX chip (Pixart 80211ES ). The final item on this list is able to provide notifications for abnormal heart rates.

The watch is equipped with automatic workout identification and provides assistance for a variety of sports, including jogging, treadmill running, indoor cycling, and outdoor cycling. It is also a helpful companion for use in the gym, with modes including elliptical, jump rope, squats, and other exercises. Due to the fact that the item is only IP67 rated, swimming is not included on this list (splash resistant).

On March 4th, the crowdfunding campaign will come to a close after having run for the past two weeks. The watch is anticipated to be available for purchase on March 26 in either an ash or rose gold finish, with both options being available to consumers. At the time, Xiaomi Yunmai is only capable of speaking Chinese, but we are working hard to include English as a language option as soon as possible. We have not received any information as to when it might make its way across the border, but we will keep you updated as soon as we do.

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