The New Luxury Hybrid Watch Collection is Now Available from New York Standard Watch

The New York Standard Watch (NYSW) series is a premium hybrid timepiece series that was just introduced to the market. It is designed for people who want something that has the appearance of an antique timepiece but the functionality of a modern smartwatch.

The traditional watchmaker that was established in 1885 has produced this collection, which bears the same name as well-known landmarks seen across the city of New York. Back in 2017, the company used Kickstarter to bring in roughly $200,000 to fund the research and development of new products. The watches are now available for purchase by anyone, and orders have been shipped out to the project’s backers.

The NYSW series features timepieces that are designed to seem as authentic as possible, like expensive everyday watches. They have a stainless steel casing, an Italian leather strap, and a Swarovski crystal, in addition to having an analogue dial and being made of high-end materials. Equally significant is the fact that the analogue timepieces come equipped with digital smarts. This means that there are no touch displays, plastic bands, or functionality restrictions.

The dial includes a calendar, a second hand, and three sub-dials for additional functionality. The watches keep track of fundamental activity statistics, in addition to providing haptic vibration alerts for smartphone notifications, programmable reminders, a timer/chronograph, and other useful features. Besides that, there is a companion app for smartphones that has a full fitness dashboard.

Thank goodness, you won’t have to worry about charging this item every single night. A single charge of the watch’s rechargeable battery is sufficient to power the timepiece for a period of two weeks. It can also hold up to water pressure at a depth of 50 meters (5 ATMs).

“The market continues to maintain a requirement for hybrid wearable technology, and continuing to follow our successful Kickstarter fundraise in 2017, we’re appreciative to now be transporting our exceptional line to the general public and offering an affordable and unique looking alternate solution,” said David Luk, the creator of the NYSW collection.

“We’ve collaborated with Amazon to provide an easy-to-use platform for our clients to buy our line, which is especially important as the holiday shopping season draws nearer,”

Amazon and the company’s website both have watches from the Manhattan, SoHo, and Times Square collections that you can buy right now.

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