The new Oura ring is exquisite in its simplicity yet imposing in its strength

Oura has made the exciting announcement that it will soon be accepting pre-orders for the next edition of its activity and sleep tracking ring. The newly designed wearable is more accurate, has more power, a longer battery life, and is more compact than its predecessor.

This is a smart ring that is intended to be worn at all times and places a significant focus on the quality of one’s sleep. The quality of your sleep, sleep stages, and recovery are automatically detected and analyzed by the device. It does this by measuring your heart rate and heart rate variability; pulse waveform; respiration rate; body temperature; movement; and more. There are no buttons to push on the device. The purpose of all of these physiological signals is to provide you with information on how to better align yourself with your circadian rhythm, also known as the natural 24-hour regularity that your body clock maintains.

While you are awake, the Oura ring, which is made of robust materials and is water resistant (up to 100 meters), automatically monitors your level of physical activity as well as the amount of time you spend sitting. Your daily steps and overall distance traveled are both recorded by the ring. In addition to that, it calculates the daily calories burned. The accompanying smartphone app and web dashboard, both of which have had their graphical designs updated, make all of this information very easy to read and access.

The ring’s second iteration responds to one of the most common issues raised by customers and is significantly more compact than its predecessor, measuring significantly less than half as wide. There are three different designs to choose from: the Heritage, which has a flat top and is available in silver, black, premium rose, and stealth color options; the Balance, which has an elegant edge and is available in silver, black, and premium rose; and the Balance Diamond, which comes with five 0.005 ct diamonds.

Under the hood, there have also been some tweaks and improvements made. Oura 2 features upgraded sensors, increased computing power, and increased memory capacity (up to 6 weeks of data). Additionally, the battery is one-half the size of the one used in the first generation, but it delivers three times the amount of power (about a week).

According to Kari Kivela, CTO, Head of Design, and Co-Founder of Oura Health, “The new Oura ring uniquely blends stunning design and pioneering technology with ultimate wearing comfort and scientific precision.” This statement was made by Ms. Kivela.

Its processing power is ten-fold compared to the first Oura ring, and even with expanded capability, the battery can last up to one week on a single charge. “The new ring is a huge leap forward in technology.” is already taking pre-orders for all three collections, and orders will start arriving in customers’ mailboxes in April 2018. Prices range from $299 to $900, and the Finnish business that specialises in health technology is providing an early-bird discount of 20% to customers who place their orders before the holiday season.

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