The New Security Measures on the Motiv Ring Aim to do Away with Passwords

The New Security Measures on the Motiv Ring Aim to do Away with Passwords

The wearable moves beyond fitness monitoring with the addition of new security features in the Motiv ring’s revised software.

No one likes passwords, let’s face it. There are 19 of them, according to the average person. It makes perfect sense to have a device on your finger that logs you in automatically. Passwords should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Motiv is a thin ring that was introduced in 2017 and is used to track sleep, activity, and heart rate. Two-factor authentication (2FA) can now be added to its skill set. By requiring more information than just a username and password, such as something the user has on them, this adds an extra degree of protection when login into your online accounts.

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The new security measures on the Motiv ring aim to do away with passwords.

It makes complete sense to include this kind of capability in a smart ring. It is a very practical solution to secure identification and online accounts because wearers always have the gadget on.

When logging in, all it takes is a small gesture to establish your identity. For iOS users, a software update makes this functionality available, while for Android users, an Open Beta version is available. The ring also offers WalkID, an additional identity verification feature that leverages the wearer’s gait (currently in beta). It seems that your “gait” and the speed at which you typically walk are just as reliable as a fingerprint in identifying you.

Motiv, though, wants to completely do away with passwords. According to the firm, users of Google Chrome and Windows Edge will soon be able to log in to any supporting website without entering their passwords. The ring supports the FIDO2 and WebAuth authentication protocols in order to achieve this.

The business intends to include more biometric identification methods in the future. This features facial and fingerprint recognition, both of which presumably operate through the complementary smartphone app.

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Motiv’s complete feature set is rather excellent with this new functionality. The ring accurately tracks activity, sleep, heart rate during exercise and rest, calories burnt, distance traveled, and steps taken. Based on the user’s action, the app sets weekly goals and modifies daily aims. The device offers a lot, including a 3-5 day battery life and water resistance.

“Motiv Ring wearers wear their rings to support the achievement of their Fitness objectives. Ultimately, Tejash Unadkat, CEO of Motiv, said, “We want to better equip our consumers to support both their physical and digital lives, 24/7.

“Practicing excellent internet security is challenging since there are so many gadgets, passwords, and accounts. Motiv, which you already wear on your finger and throughout the day, can serve as a simple, straightforward first step toward a more secure digital identification.

Amazon is a source for Motiv’s smart ring. It is now accessible in a few different finishes, such as rose gold, silver, and black.

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