The new tracking and safety features from Garmin

A couple of Garmin’s most recent smartwatches now have Incident Detection and Assistance. What they do and ways to help them are listed below.

The first is an add-on function that activates when an incident is discovered. It notifies pre-loaded, pre-selected contacts by SMS and email of your name and GPS location. The watch accomplishes this via the attached, compatible smartphone.

The new tracking and safety features from Garmin are described.

Of course, the possibility of a fake emergency exists. To prevent this, the text appears on your phone and device for 30 seconds prior to leaving. You have time to cancel because of this.

The Vivoactive 3 Music series, Fenix 5 Plus Series, and Forerunner 645 Music are more recent examples of Garmin bike computers that include incident detection as a function. Incident detection is not entirely new. The Forerunner 45/45S, Forerunner 245/24 Music, and Forerunner 945 are brand-new entries to this list.

The only distinction between the Assistant option and it is that you have to actively activate it. Thus, its applications go beyond those of cycling, running, hiking, and walking. Simply activate Assistance whenever you sense danger, and a message with your position will be sent.

Here are the setup instructions

You must enable event detection on your watch and add emergency contact information in the Garmin Connect app.

The steps for setting up contact are as follows:

In the Garmin Connect app, select More.

Press Personnel

Enter the desired contact by clicking the three dots in the top right corner. When finished, click the upper left corner’s back arrow.

Click on “Safety and Tracking.”

For assistance with incident detection, click here.

The Add Emergency Contacts button

You should be able to choose up to three emergency contacts from your contact list once it appears.

Synchronize the timepiece.

When you upload your emergency contacts and sync your watch, incident detection will immediately turn on. Go to Settings on your watch, select Safety, then tap Incident Detection to manually turn it on or off.

To turn on assistance Your watch will vibrate three times after you hold down the top left button for seven seconds. Your chosen contacts will receive a discrete message from this activity. The other choice is to browse through all the icons by holding down the top left button for two seconds and selecting Assistance. But the second choice requires more time.

A little different process is required for those who have a Vivoactive 3 Music series. Pressing and holding the watch face of the device will require them to select settings, scroll down to Safety & Tracking, and select Incident Detection.

It’s important to note that a second precaution has been put in place to make sure your message is delivered. When your phone regains connectivity after losing it, the LiveTrack link will still include your most recent position and send it out.


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