The new Wellness Report from Fitbit enables customers to centralise all of their health data in one location

A brand new Wellness Report has been made available by Fitbit. It provides a thorough overview of your health and fitness statistics for the past year or month, depending on which option you choose. Although the service is geared largely toward Premium members, it is available to all users, albeit with restricted capabilities.

The company appears to be hastily releasing a multitude of changes in anticipation of being purchased by Google. In addition to the Wellness Report, Fitbit has also disclosed the release of version 4.1 of the operating system for its smartwatches. This patch improves the always-on display mode for the Versa 2, makes adjustments to the heart rate algorithm, enhances support for Alexa, and includes a few other minor updates for the Ionic and other products in the Versa family.

The Wellness Report is a tool that gives customers the ability to compile all of their data regarding their health and fitness in a single location. It is possible to use it to readily notice trends or download results to share with your physician, nutritionist, or personal trainer. Both of these options are available.

Premium customers have the ability to create a report for the previous year that includes trend data for their activity, sleep, heart rate, and weight. In addition, there is a report covering one month that may be downloaded by anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a subscription.

To generate the report, open the Health & Fitness Stats section of the smartwatch app on your smartphone and navigate to the Discover tab. Select Wellness Report from the drop-down menu, choose the time range and then click the Request My Report button to gain access to a PDF with a summary of your data. If you do not see the option to view your Wellness Report, check sure that your app is upgraded to the most recent version that is available.

It could take anywhere from five to ten minutes for you to receive the PDF that you requested through email. Whether you don’t see it, check to see if it ended up in your junk mail bin instead of your inbox. It is also a good idea to check the email address that is mentioned in your Fitbit profile or account to ensure that it is accurate.

Fitbit OS 4.1 enhances the accuracy of the heart rate algorithm, in addition to other enhancements. Fitbit OS 4.1 enhances the accuracy of the heart rate algorithm, in addition to other enhancements. Fitbit OS 4.1 enhances the accuracy of the heart rate algorithm, in addition to other enhancements.

The company claims that in order to develop the service, it collaborated with healthcare specialists such as emergency room and intensive care unit physicians from top facilities. In order for users to receive the report, they will need to have collected data for at least 30 days, and certain parts of the report are restricted to devices that can measure heart rate. If you want to see trends in your weight, you’ll need to either link a Fitbit scale to your profile or manually enter the information. According to Fitbit’s announcement, the company will gradually add new metrics, trends, and insights.

The fact that this product appears to be of use to a great number of people makes it a commendable addition to the services provided by the organisation. We have one wish, and that is for all users to have access to the complete service, not just to the prior month’s content.

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