The new Xiaomi Watch Color 2 has a more spacious display and a wide variety of personalization options

At a debut event that took place earlier today, Xiaomi revealed the Watch Color 2. The sporty device is an improvement from the original in that it has a display that is 1.43 inches larger, tracks blood oxygen levels, is compatible with 117 different sports, and offers a wide variety of customization options.

We had received a preview of the latest iteration of the company’s smartwatch a few days ago, so we knew that it will be released today. However, the specifics were not very well known.

At the beginning of 2020, Xiaomi introduced the first generation of its Mi Watch Color to the Chinese market. The naming convention of the corporation is not doing anyone any favours, including the company itself. Finding the ways in which the many versions of something different may be a bit of a challenge.

There is a version of the Mi Watch known as the Mi Watch Revolve, even though the Mi Watch Color is not available for purchase outside of China. This one is essentially the same device as the other one, but it is the one that is being sold in countries like India. It received a new and improved version in July of this year, and at this time it is known as the Mi Watch Revolve Active. The primary improvements consist of blood oxygen monitoring and interoperability with Amazon Alexa. A blood oxygen tracking feature was added to the existing Mi Watch Color model and included in the Sports version that was released in October of 2017.

The Xiaomi Watch Color 2’s detailed specifications 

The Xiaomi Watch Color 2 has a body that is round, similar to the bodies of the previous watches in this family. The display is a little bit bigger now, which is a significant improvement over the first version. It measures 1.43 inches, which is an increase over the 1.39 inches that were present in the earlier model. The new screen boasts a pixel density of 326PPI and a refresh rate of 60Hz, all of which contribute to a more fluid performance.

The timepiece allows for a great deal of personalization. According to Xiaomi, you have the option of selecting from three distinct case colours, six unique bands, and nearly 200 different clock faces. There is something there for everyone to enjoy.

The entire unit has a water resistance rating of 5 ATM despite weighing only 36,3 grammes and being extremely lightweight. Two physical buttons, one to turn the watch on and off and the other to navigate the menu, are located to the right of the watch. Instead of being circular like on the original, the buttons have been given an elongated shape.

A SpO2 sensor is yet another improvement in comparison to the base version of the product. The levels of oxygen in the blood can be monitored with this. You are still provided with fundamental fitness sensors, including an integrated GPS.

The staggering number of sports that are monitored has now been raised to 117. To refresh your memory, the base game only supports ten different types of sports modes.

The battery that’s built inside the gadget now has a capacity of 470mAh, which is an increase of 50mAh from previously. On the other hand, because it has more sensors and a larger display, you will only need to begin charging it once every week and a half. The battery life is now two days shorter than it was on the previous model. There is a setting called long-life that allows everything to continue functioning normally for a whole week. If you turn on the GPS, you may anticipate getting somewhere about 30 hours of use.

The timepiece will be sold in China for a price of CNY 899, which is equivalent to around $140. It would be fascinating to see whether or not the Xiaomi Watch Color 2 will be released in markets other than the domestic ones. Since the first version didn’t, we wouldn’t get our hopes up about this one.

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