The newest iteration of the Jacquard smart jacket was unveiled by Google and Levi's.

Levi’s has introduced a new Jacquard linked jacket that features technology from Google built into it. This time, the tech enablement is being added to the brand’s most iconic pieces, the Sherpa and the Classic Trucker Jacket.

The original edition of the garment, which was announced at Google I/O in 2014, was not only about looking stylish; it also had functional benefits. In addition to that, it offered practical functionality. The touch-sensitive fabric was developed as part of Google’s Project Jacquard, and this product was the first marketable product to employ it.

The first iteration of the Commuter Jacket, which retails for $350, was made available some time ago. It makes it possible for consumers to provide orders to their mobile devices while they are on the move. The conductive threads in the cuff and electronic tab of the jacket are connected to the mobile device through the usage of Bluetooth in the jacket. Once you remove the tag, the entire clothing is washable and durable, just as any other pair of jeans would be.

Compared to the first generation items, those of the second generation have a more conventional appearance. This is due to the fact that the Bluetooth module that is inserted into the cuff is more compact.

The companies also produce their goods in a different way, which is the second key distinction between them. This eliminates the need for the time-consuming process of incorporating touch-sensitive fibres into the sleeve, which results in a significant reduction in the cost of the product.

Bear in mind that all of the previously available functionality is still present. You are able to send instructions to your smartphone when you’re on the go by touching the tag in a variety of various ways. Users are able to do things such as control the playback of music, ask for directions and answer calls. In addition, wearers are notified of callers via haptic feedback and illumination. The corresponding mobile app allows for complete customization of all of these features.

When it finally hits stores, the Trucker Jacket will be sold for $198, and the Sherpa Jacket, which adds extreme cold insulation, will be sold for $248. They should be more commonly accessible than the first version of the Commuter Jacket and come in sizes that are appropriate for both men and women.

It would appear that Google is increasing the focus it is putting on the connected clothes market. The YSL Cit-e Backpack has introduced only a week ago when the company made the announcement. This item is also a component of the Project Jacquard initiative. The backpack, which was designed in conjunction with Saint Laurent, allows users to control music, snap pictures, and perform other functions.

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