The next Garmin badge requires that you walk 10 kilometers every day

A brand new date-specific badge has been introduced by Garmin. This one will have you walking ten thousand steps a day for the next thirty days straight.

Since the last time a badge with a precise date was made accessible, approximately two months had passed. In point of fact, there were a total of three: two for Valentine’s Day and one for the leap year holiday.

Users needed to record activity on February 14 and link their watch or fitness tracker to Garmin Connect in order to participate in the first challenge. On Valentine’s Day, you couldn’t get the second one without first giving the first one away to someone else. Users will need to log an action on February 29, the pivotal day that marks the beginning of the leap year, in order to get the third badge.

Now that things have slowed down, Garmin wants to get us going again. A 10KADAY badge has been introduced by the firm on its official Twitter account. It is not necessary for you to run 10 kilometres every 24 hours; in fact, the requirements are a little less stringent than that. In order to obtain this badge, you will need to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps every day for a period of 30 consecutive days.

It’s interesting to note that Garmin requires the “step streak must begin on or after the 1st of April.” Therefore, if you have been able to relocate despite the quarantine, the work that you have put in up to this point will not be in vain.

The number 10,000 is a step goal that a lot of individuals want to achieve. It is a lovely round number that dates back to the Japanese Olympic Games held many decades ago. The origin of this number may be traced back to those games. There is no reason not to strive for that level if you are healthy, despite the fact that the majority of official advice advises that anything beyond 8,000 is sufficient. Naturally, the greater the number, the greater the joy. For the majority of individuals, the advantages to their health improve as their step count increases.

If the challenge does not appear in the Garmin app for your smartphone, it is because it has not yet been made accessible. Garmin has indicated that it will be available in the near future but has not provided a timeframe. However, given that you would get credit even if you began travelling right now, there is no point in waiting for the badge to become available. As long as you keep up your step count, you will be rewarded for your dedication.

Taking into consideration all that is going on right now, the timing seems a little off. It’s possible that this is the reason why Garmin has decided to delay putting the challenge live. However, if you put in the work necessary, you may reach this number even if you are confined to your house.

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