The next-generation artificial intelligence swimming experience is called Holoswim.

Swimming is becoming more reliant on augmented reality technology. It is shown on performance-tracking smart goggles, which are a great deal more handy than halting the activity to examine a sports watch. The most recent company to enter this market is Holoswim, which was financed by Kickstarter.

Bear in mind that these are not the only augmented reality smart goggles available. FORM Swim Goggles were the first product to introduce themselves to this market a few years ago. After this, the FINIS Smart Goggle was released at the beginning of 2021. Holoswim is distinguished from its competitors by both its affordable pricing and the ability to show messages sent from a linked smartphone.

When I look at the pictures, Holoswim goggles remind me more of form than they do of finesse. You will get a pair of goggles that have a conventional appearance overall. The electrical module that is located on just one of their sides is the only indicator that they are distinct in some way.

Guangli, a company located in Hong Kong, claims that its Holoswim goggles contain an OELD holographic display and an AR diffractive optical waveguide. These features allow the goggles to display real-time user data in the wearer’s line of sight. We have tried out comparable technology, and in order to really understand how simple it is to track your swim performance, you really need to give it a go yourself. Something that seems like it came from the future.

While you are swimming, you will be able to keep track of several parameters, such as distance, time, and speed. Users may navigate between the available displays by pushing a button that is physically located on the module. In addition to this, the goggles are able to automatically determine the kind of stroke being used (for breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, and freestyle).

You will be able to evaluate and analyze your performance in great detail on your mobile device after you have downloaded the corresponding app for iOS or Android. In addition to this, there are training programs available for anyone who is interested in this kind of activity, and there is also a social component.

All of this seems to be quite similar to the technology that is currently available in the FORM Swim Goggles and the FINIS Smart Goggles. Nevertheless, smartphone notifications are something that you won’t find in any of these other items.

You may be notified of incoming calls using your Holoswim goggles even if you leave your phone on the pool deck. This is accomplished via the use of Bluetooth, and the capability is activated once you are within a range of five meters from the associated smartphone.

The life of the battery is really good. The lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 110 mAh, will power the device for about ten hours after receiving a full charge. In case you were wondering, it is equivalent to around 500 laps in a pool that is 50 meters long for the typical swimmer. The goggles have a low weight of just 75 grams and an IPX8 rating for their waterproofing (down to 5 meters deep).

If you think all of this sounds interesting, you should know that it will cost you $89 to have a pair of Holoswim goggles delivered to your door in the month of December.

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