The Next-generation Sports Speed Radar and Companion Application are Now Available from Pocket Radar

Along with a new version of its small sports radar, Pocket Radar has also released a new app for smartphones that lets you take videos and gives speed advice.

The Smart Coach Radar, which is being marketed as the first speed and video training system available at an accessible price, may be utilized for a variety of sports, such as baseball, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, and tennis. The tool improves upon the already successful Ball Coach Radar produced by the California-based business. The next-generation product still has the same accuracy and range (120 feet for baseball), but it has a lot more features and functions. 

Interoperability with the Pocket Radar application is the feature that takes precedence over the others. This offers the capability of shooting videos together with an integrated speed display. Users will receive immediate feedback on a number of different statistics.

For the sport of baseball, for instance, the gizmo will spit forth data like striking exit velocity, serve speed, pitch speed, and a variety of other speeds. The application keeps a record of players’ results over time, allowing them to track their development. There is also a tool for sharing videos and another feature for integrating social media.

According to Steve Goody, CEO and co-founder of Pocket Radar, “With the latest Smart Coach Radar, coaching staff and sportspeople of all age ranges seem to be able to catch precise speeds incorporated with video of their gameplay, or get instant feedback of their velocities supplied wirelessly to their mobile phones.”

“Now, any young athlete can utilize the same innovation in their own backyard that pro teams and players use each day on the field,” said one researcher. “This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.”

Even with the batteries installed, the Smart Coach Radar weighs only 4.5 ounces, making it highly portable. Either on its own or in combination with the recently released mobile application, the gizmo may perform the functions of a radar gun. It can go as fast as 210 km/h, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police has confirmed that it is reliable. 

The gizmo, which retails for $399.99, is a fantastic alternative to cumbersome speed guns. You may get a hold of it by going to

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