The next iteration of Google's Project Jacquard is a linked backpack that costs $1,000.

This time around, Google’s Project Jacquard has created a luxurious backpack known as the YSL Cit-e Backpack. It was developed in conjunction with Saint Laurent, and it enables users to control music, snap pictures, and do other functions.

The beginning of Google’s first foray into the realm of intelligent clothing dates back to the year 2015. The first product, a connected jacket, appeared on the market two years after the project had begun. The Commuter Trucker Jacket, which retails for $350 and was developed in collaboration with denim manufacturer Levi’s, features an embedded Bluetooth tag that, when activated, wirelessly links the conductive threads in the cuff of the jacket.

Users are able to transmit commands to their smartphones by touching the tag in a variety of different ways. For instance, you can inquire about directions, answer calls, and control the playback of music all without taking your phone out of your pocket. In addition, you will be notified of incoming calls by means of haptic feedback and illumination.

Google is now making a comeback with a product that is more useful. The company’s Jacquard line has expanded with the introduction of a high-tech backpack as the second product in the series.

Only available in black, the YSL Cit-e Backpack has dimensions of 31 centimetres across, 41 centimetres tall, and 22 centimetres deep. It is manufactured entirely of nylon. The signature of the posh French fashion label Saint Laurent is engraved on the zip pocket located on the garment’s exterior. In addition, there is a key clip, a mobile phone pocket, a zip compartment, and a padded slot pocket located on the interior. Things have been quite routine up to this point. However, this bag has even more features.

Jacquard technology has been included in the thing’s left shoulder strap, making it possible for the backpack to react to a variety of touch and tap movements. Additionally, a light indicator will be located here. It will let you know, for instance, when you have a message or when you have left your phone behind by glowing in a different hue depending on the situation. In addition to this, you will feel a gentle prod.

You can also control the camera on your phone, drop pins while you’re on the go, pause the music, skip songs, or hear the name of the song that is presently playing. All of these features are available to you. You can also specify unique motions for specific inquiries by using Google Assistant. Other things you may ask Google Assistant about include the weather, traffic, and the news.


The Jacquard Tag, which is a quite ingenious design feature, is where the brains that link the backpack to the smartphone application are hidden. According to Google, the size of the electronic component has been shrunk down to that of an SD card. Nobody else will be the wiser that this is anything else than a regular designer backpack, other from you, of course.

Now for some unfortunate information. In comparison to the average price of less than $50 for a bag, this one would set you back a whopping $995. This is not the kind of buy that you should make on the spur of the moment unless you have really deep cash.

If the price has not dissuaded you from purchasing the YSL Cit-e Backpack, you can do it on, where it is also available for pre-order. The projected date of shipment is “no later than” October 15, 2019, according to the estimates. Google has stated that it is working on bringing more reasonably priced threads in the near future for the rest of us.

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