Nobo B60 User Opinions and Reviews

Nobo B60 User Opinions and Reviews

The B60 is a connected wearable that Nobo is working on developing. It will monitor the hydration levels of athletes in real time.

We are all aware of how essential it is to stay hydrated by drinking water. If you aren’t taking in a sufficient amount of the liquid, then you ought to give some serious consideration to beginning the process of modifying this behavior. Water is needed for digestion, getting rid of waste, staying healthy, and keeping the body’s systems running.

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Despite the significance of this topic, we have not yet come across a wearable that can monitor automated hydration levels. There are many different inventions currently in the process of being developed, but none of them have been commercialized.

There is also the LVL, of course. It is manufactured by BSX Athletics, a wearable sensor firm based in Austin, and is marketed as a fitness tracker that uses red-light technology to determine the level of hydration you are currently experiencing. To help fund the company’s product development efforts, Kickstarter contributors contributed a staggering $1.2 million, bringing the total amount raised to 7,000. The initial delivery date for the first hydration monitoring device was scheduled to take place in June of 2017, and we were waiting with bated breath for its arrival. The wait continues for us here.

With the release of the B60, a non-invasive hydration and fluid balance monitoring gadget, Nobo, a startup company based in Wisconsin, has high aspirations of closing the gap in the market. The wearable, which has been in development for a few years, is one of the five finalists in the NFL’s 1st & Future pitch competition, which will take place next weekend. The National Football League (NFL) hosts its annual Super Bowl competition with the goal of encouraging revolutionary breakthroughs in athletes’ safety and performance.

Solius, TackleBar, TendoNova, and TopSpin are the other four companies who made it to the final round of the Innovations to Advance Athlete Health and Safety Competition category. On February 2nd, a livestream of the tournament will be available at for viewers to watch.

The B60 takes readings of hydration by shining near-infrared light at certain areas of the body at predetermined intervals. The amount of light that is reflected is measured, and this information is used to figure out not only how much water is in the body but also a number of other important biometrics.This can be done either continually or on demand, and it will be completed in real time either way.

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Russ Rymut, the founder and CEO of Nobo, told Sport Techie in an interview that the company “flashes different wavelengths of light into the body and measures how much of that light is absorbed.”

“Based on that, we are able to determine how much fluid is truly present in the tissues as well as compensate for other elements of the body, such as the amount of body fat, muscle mass, and other such things.”

You can view the findings either on the wearable device directly or through an app that is compatible with smartphones. Using the B60 hydration metric, the app also gives you the ability to monitor changes over the course of time.

This method seems like an excellent way to determine whether or not you are hydrating your body appropriately for your level of activity. Although we do not yet have confirmation of a specific release date, we are expecting to start holding trials for the team this year. It is hoped that a retail launch will take place not long after.

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