The NoiseFit Fusion is a Smartwatch with a Touch Screen that also has Mechanical Hands

The NoiseFit Fusion is the first full-touch hybrid wristband to be released in India. It was released recently and consists of mechanical arms that can be used to highlight notifications on a smartphone.

The company known as Noise is the one responsible for producing the timepiece. The Indian company is well-known for making inexpensive accessories for smartphones, such as headphones and smartwatches.

For the benefit of those who may not be aware, hybrid smartwatches combine the appearance and performance of a conventional watch with the capabilities that are characteristic of modern smartwatches. Only in the last few years have devices of this type begun to gain widespread popularity. There are several pretty advanced ones available on the market now, such as the Move ECG, which can record an electrocardiogram, and the Garmin Vivomove 3, which can collect blood oxygen levels. Both of these are examples of current models.

The NoiseFit Fusion is not nearly as advanced as the MyKronos ZeTime, but it does come with some respectable specifications and a luxurious appearance that brings to mind the MyKronos ZeTime. It is also the first device of its kind to be sold in India, making it a pioneering innovation in that country.

Its water resistance is rated at 5 ATM, and its design is a circular shell made of stainless steel that comes in three different colour options: classic black, vintage brown, and rose gold. This is fastened to a standard watch band that can be switched out at any time and comes in a variety of materials, including leather and silicone.

All of this is paired with a layer of sapphire glass that is placed on top of a colour display that measures 1.22 inches and is completely touch-responsive. The resolution is 240 pixels across and 240 pixels high. Because it comes with 14 different watch faces, it will be easy for you to personalize the watch for any situation.

Because this is a hybrid, it has intelligent mechanical hands that may indicate when a text, reminder, or other notice has arrived on the user’s smartphone. You may respond to messages in an instant by using the rapid reply feature, as well as choose and browse with the smart crown button, control your music, or manage a smartphone camera from a remote location.

The hybrid possesses a few fundamental fitness abilities in addition to its other functional capabilities. This includes measuring your typical activities, as well as your sleep and heart rate. This information is sent from the NoiseFit Fusion to the iOS or Android app that goes with it over a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

A battery with a capacity of 200 mAh is providing the necessary power. When in pure analogue mode, this can keep the item operating for up to a month; when all of the smart capabilities are enabled, it can keep it working for about three days. In addition to that, it has the capability to charge wirelessly.

When the total package is considered, the high-end-looking device appears to be a respectable offering, particularly when the cost is taken into account. On the manufacturer’s website, the NoiseFit Fusion may be purchased for 6,999, which is equivalent to approximately $98. In addition to this, it may be purchased at select retail locations in India, such as There has been no announcement regarding availability in other countries.

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