The NXT Ring is a safe key for your digital identity


Intelligent rings have been around for a while, but Thingyfy, a company with a snappy name, has come up with a fresh spin on the notion. Contacts, digital payments, social networks, files, medical ID, and even a cryptocurrency wallet will all be accessible via their ring.

The majority of smart rings keep track of your fitness or allow you to make contactless payments. Instead, NXT Ring concentrates on serving as a digital wallet and organizer, allowing you to keep track of your digital identity.

The device provides a completely new method to connect and share information. Every ring has a code that unlocks your cloud-based NXT Profile. This is completely customisable, allowing users to add their social profiles, playlists, and PayPal information, for example. The UI includes a folder-like structure that allows you to organize information, folders, and links according to your preferences.

You can also include emergency contacts and medical information. The latter helps you to keep track of important information, including blood type, allergies, medicines, medical issues, and more.

Thanks to 128-bit Unique Random Identifiers, the data is exceptionally safe (URI). Simply tap your ring on a person’s phone to share. The ring’s NFC chip will communicate with the URI on your phone, allowing guest browsers to access your profile.

The ring is available in a variety of sturdy materials, requires no charging, and is dust and water resistant. There are several variations to pick from, each with a big price difference.

The NXT Medical is the cheapest, and it exclusively stores medical information and comes in a silicone rubber sleeve. NXT Steel has a lot more features and is made of polished stainless steel. The Titanium Grade 1 and Gold 750 selections are the most expensive of the bunch. They can also be used to store cryptocurrency.


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