TicWatch Pro 3 with the Snapdragon Wear 4100 - User Opinions, Features and Reviews

TicWatch Pro 3 with the Snapdragon Wear 4100 - User Opinions, Features and Reviews

Mobvoi has only just demonstrated the TicWatch Pro 3 to the general public. This is the first smartwatch to feature Qualcomm’s newest Wear 4100 platform. Qualcomm released it.

This chipset will be used to power the next generation of Wear OS devices, and the TicWatch 3 Pro is now in the driver’s seat when it comes to these watches. The chip was made available to the general public at the end of the month of June. As a direct result of applying this update, significant enhancements have been made to the following aspects: speed, performance, connectivity, voice, video, images, music, messaging, health and fitness, sleep, athletics, and battery life.

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The design of the 4100 CPU is founded on the 12nm process technology. There are two distinct variants of it available, the more expensive of which is known as the 4100+ and features an intelligent Always On Co-Processor. This combination supports more excellent capabilities in Watch mode, such as continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep, quicker tilt-to-wake, and a variety of other enhancements. This combo also provides support for several other features. Parting memory enables an increase in the number of colors that can be used from 16 to 64Ks.

Ticwatch Pro 3 by Mobvoi

The Wear 4100 platform is included in the Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3, and it enables the wearable device to have improved hardware in addition to increased and more rapid performance. Any lags should be eliminated as a result, and the length of time it takes for applications to open should be cut down, especially when one takes into account the fact that the new CPU includes 1 gigabyte of random access memory (RAM) and 8 gigabytes of storage space as standard equipment.

The addition of 12 LED lights to the heart rate sensor, which was recently upgraded, should result in more accurate data being collected. Here is now a barometer that also gives information from an altimeter that can be used when engaging in outdoor sports. Users have access to more than ten unique exercise modes, including outside running, outdoor cycling, swimming, indoor walking, freestyle, indoor running, gymnastics, indoor cycling, and yoga. Other modes include walking inside, freestyle, and indoor running. Indoor walking, freestyle, and running are three other activities that can be done inside.

There have been some fascinating new features made, like TicZen and TicHearing. The first one keeps track of your stress levels throughout the clock to assist in enhancing your mental and physical Fitness. The second monitor keeps an ear out for background noise in the range of 30 to 12 decibels and alerts you of any unsafely high levels if it detects them. After that, if you’re still having trouble calming down, you could give TicBreathe a shot.

Among the other noteworthy mentions is the mobile application known as TicOxygen, which determines the extent to which oxygen is saturated in the blood. In addition, a GPS receiver is already built-in, and it has recently been improved to include the Beidou, Galileo, Glonass, and QZSS satellite navigation systems. Last but not least, there is a built-in NFC chip that can be utilized with contactless payment systems.

According to Mobvoi, the TicPulse app will now provide additional advice pertaining to one’s health. Finally, an update has been released for TicSleep, which brings it up to the point where it can operate correctly in both the Smart and the Essential modes.

The water-resistant watch that has an IP68 rating and continues to come with a layered display has been modernized to incorporate the most advanced technologies available, just like the vast majority of other products. The display that has the more advanced specifications of the two is a 1.4-inch Retina AMOLED with a resolution of 454 by 454, and it is the smaller of the two. Switching between the various screens on the device allows for conserving the user’s battery life.

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The item has dimensions of 47 millimeters x 48 millimeters by 12.2 millimeters, as stated in the specs. That is now a little bit bigger, but it has a more streamlined appearance than it did previously. The watch now only weighs 42 grams, a reduction of 28 percent from its previous weight, and has an enhanced battery capacity of 40 percent. In addition, the battery life has been boosted by 40 percent. When using the device in Smart Mode, the 577mAh battery will continue to supply power for up to 72 hours. This grows to a magnificent forty-five days when the priority is set to Essential.

TicWatch Pro 3 is now available for purchase, and the process has begun. For the price of $299, it is available on the official website of Mobvoi and on Amazon.

The release comes on the heels of the Ticwatch GTX, a gadget that, although having a price tag of only $60, does not scrimp on critical features such as the essential capability for fitness tracking and other necessities. The Ticwatch GTX is available now.

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