The Polar H9 is an Accessible and Reasonably Priced Heart Rate Monitor for Beginners

With the introduction of the new H9, Polar has broadened the selection of heart rate monitors that they offer. It will be available alongside the company’s best-selling H10 and OH1+ products.

Both of the gadgets that came before it did a great job, according to our assessments, of tracking the user’s heart rate while they were exercising. The H10 comes in the form of a conventional chest strap and features a design that prevents it from slipping, resistance to water, the capacity to be used on two devices at the same time, as well as on-board memory. This chest strap measures heart rate more precisely than any other Polar product to date.

The OH1+ is another fantastic alternative to consider. It has more versatility than the H10 in that it can be worn around either the upper or lower arms. The accuracy is comparable to what you’d get with a pulse rate chest strap, but it is significantly improved over a heart rate monitor that is worn on the wrist.

At this time, we have the H9. This is an option that is favourable to one’s wallet and is created with novice users in mind. It combines the most important parts of the other two devices into a single solution that most people can afford.

According to Polar, the product is geared toward “regular gym goers, casual runners, and bike riders who want to begin tracking their pulse rate and calories.” The capacity of the swim-friendly chest strap to link to a number of different devices at the same time stands out as the most impressive aspect of the product overall, in addition to its dependability and accuracy.

Bluetooth, ANT+, and 5kHz are all viable options for doing this task. However, in contrast to the H10, which enables two simultaneous Bluetooth smart connections, the H9 only supports a single connection at a time. In addition to that, it does not have any memory stored on board, and the strap is a little bit different.

Battery life is the same in both versions. In the same way as the H10, the H2025’s replaceable CR 2025 battery may last for an exceptional four hundred hours of training.

Tom Fowler, the President of Polar United States, says, “Accuracy is not a product, and it can’t be given up. However, buyers don’t realize how much of an effect it has.”

“Nearly 800 technical papers say that our sensors are the standard for measuring heart rate. Polar clients include national governing bodies, sports scientists, professional athletes, and teams.”

The H9 can be purchased from on Amazon and Polar’s website right now for the price of $59.50, and it comes in sizes ranging from XS to S and M to XXL. The availability of other retail options is expected to come soon.

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