The Polar Ignite 2

The Ignite 2 offers a gorgeous feminine aesthetic for people just starting their fitness adventure, and it looks more like a typical wristwatch.

Let’s take a closer look at what this watch has to offer.

The Design Features of The Polar Ignite 2 

I must confess that I am a huge lover of this design. Polar has spent a lot of work making the Ignite 2 look more like a fashion piece, even if it is still primarily a fitness device (you can even buy Swarovski Crystal studded straps).

The circular design with textured stainless steel bezel looks and feels premium, yet the 43mm case is lightweight at 35g. It has a metal buckle and a single side button. It has a flat Dragontail glass finish, unlike other watches.

The Ignite 2 is available in four colors: black, blue, champagne, and pink. There are various straps, including the Swarovski Crystal studded strap mentioned above.

The 1.2-inch color touch display with a 240 by 204 pixels resolution is bright and easy to see. Despite its poor resolution, it uses an ambient light sensor to initiate gestures.

The Sports Features of The Polar Ignite 2

The Polar Ignite 2 offers 130 different workout options, but it can only save 20 of them. If you do not intend to use the preset settings, you can remove them and replace them with any other Polar option.

The FitSpark function, like that of other Polar devices, is ideal for individuals who are just getting started. FitSpark recommends workouts based on your training history, fitness level, recuperation time frames, and the quality of your sleep the night before. If you’ve been kept awake by noisy neighbors or a bout of sleeplessness, the Ignite 2 will recommend a softer workout than normal. It will also serve as your cheerleader, sending you notes of encouragement when you reach or surpass your objectives.

Just some of the activities included are:

Depending on your activity, the stats displayed on the screen will change. For example, if you’re doing strength training, it displays your heart rate, duration, and calories burned. You may see your distance, duration, heart rate, and pace while walking or running.

The Ignite 2 will also vibrate to remind you to take screen breaks if you have been sitting for too long.

Other Fitness Features of The Polar Ignite 2

The Ignite 2 doesn’t have a lot of sensors, but if you’re new to working out, you don’t need a gadget with a lot of sensors. The heart rate sensor is accurate and can detect your heart rate 24 hours, seven days a week.

In stressful situations or when you want to sit back and relax, stress monitoring provides breathing techniques that can help you calm down and ground yourself.

Furthermore, the watch’s capacity to assist you with diet and hydration is one of its strongest features. The Energy Sources feature allows you to observe how your body uses various energy sources during a workout. The energy source feature gives you the information to make informed decisions about the energy you need to replace.

The Polar Apps: Serene Breathing, Nightly Recharge, and Energy Sources

The Sleep Tracking Features of The Polar Ignite 2

Sleep tracking features normally wouldn’t have their own section, but with the Polar Ignite 2, I felt it was necessary. The sleep tracking is pretty good.

You can check your Nightly Recharge status after recording your sleep for three nights. Based on the data it collects about your sleep, this indicates how your body recovers from training and stress. The Ignite 2 may encourage you to take it easy that day if your Nightly Recharge level is low. If your health is in good shape, your doctor may advise you to do a more vigorous workout.

The Nightly Recharge dashboard is chock-full of useful data, including your sleep score (which ranges from 1 to 100) and details on sleep duration and regeneration.

It displays the time you fell asleep and awoke, as well as the length of time you spent in each sleep phase and the number of interruptions you experienced. The 28-day average makes comparing your sleep patterns over time a breeze. Furthermore, when you sleep, the Ignite 2 tracks more complex parameters. Heart rate variability (the difference in time between successive heartbeats) and breathing rate are two of them (the number of breaths you take per minute). For both of these, the app keeps track of your baseline and provides additional information to help you comprehend them.

Other Smart Features of The Polar Ignite 2

While the Ignite 2 resembles a smartwatch rather than a sports watch, it lacks smartwatch functionality.

There are a few different faces to choose from. You can select analog or digital watch faces, as well as the color of the display. A new feature is the weather dashboard, and you can now manage your music from your watch.

You can receive various notifications, but you won’t be able to interact with them, so keep your phone nearby.

The Battery Life of The Polar Ignite 2

The Polar Ignite 2 promises to have a watch mode that lasts up to 5 days and a continuous training time of up to 20 hours. Using the included USB cord takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to charge fully. So it’s pretty simple to keep it topped up in between sessions.

Should you buy the Polar Ignite 2

If you’re a diehard fitness fanatic, this isn’t the watch for you. However, if you’re searching for a fashionable fitness accessory to wear to the workplace or the gym, this could be a terrific purchase. However, do your homework because similarly priced choices provide more smart features, like the Fitbit Versa 3.

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