The Potential Smartwatch From Nokia That Never Came To Be

The Potential Smartwatch From Nokia That Never Came To Be

There were rumors that the group responsible for producing Nokia smartphones was working on a smartwatch, but in the end, the firm chose to abandon the project.

HMD Global Oy, better known simply as HMD, is an organization with its headquarters in Finland. It is made up of the mobile phone business that Nokia sold to Microsoft in 2014 but then bought back from Microsoft two years later.

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According to Nokia Anew, the business is also reportedly working on developing a tablet in addition to the wearable. But even this initiative was canceled in the end. According to the reliable source, HMD has made the decision to scrap the development of these items in order to focus more of its attention on the smartphone market.

There was no further information provided. It is reasonable to presume that the timepiece would come preinstalled with Wear OS due to Nokia’s tight working relationship with Google as well as the use of Android software on Nokia’s mobile devices. So far, it has been hard for Google’s operating system to get a big share of the market because the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch are such strong competitors.

The HMD Smartwatches is not the Moonraker watch that we discussed in our previous article by the same name. This product was very close to being released, but Microsoft finally decided against doing so immediately after it completed the purchase of Nokia’s mobile division. In preparation for its wearable band, it discarded it and put it in the trash. which went the same way as Moonraker a few years later and was thrown out.

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In spite of this, it will be fascinating to observe whether Nokia decides to make a U-turn and launch its very own smartwatch. Especially when one considers that the company’s purchase of Withings did not turn out the way that it was intended. In 2016, Nokia’s Digital Health business made the purchase of the French company, only to turn around and sell it to one of the company’s previous owners the following year. They were forced to learn the hard way that the market for wearables is not an easy one to break into.

The fact that the markets for smartphones and tablets are already somewhat crowded is a further element that may play a role in Nokia’s decision to reconsider. The wearable category is anticipated to be the category that shines brightest in the next few years, despite the fact that sales of these devices are just getting started.

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