The prince of the Garmin Forerunner 955 LTE was discovered in a recent leak, and its release could be imminent

On the websites of Garmin locations in Australia and New Zealand, one can find a reference to the Forerunner 955 LTE. The item was advertised for sale with the price included, but not much else was provided. Before being taken down a couple of hours ago, the entry was available for viewing for approximately one day.

The Fenix 7 is one of Garmin’s most popular sports watches, but the Forerunner 945 is not far behind it. Think of it as a cheaper version of the Fenix — very much the same functionality but housed in something less fancy, hence less priced.

Just now, we got a look at the most recent version of the Fenix. It came earlier this month and brought with it some great changes such as a touch display, improved battery life, some design tweaks, and a few new performance measures. There was also a fancier version of the same named Epix 2 - that one comes with an AMOLED display.

Many people had high hopes that LTE would be an available choice. However, those hopes were dashed. It is certainly likely that a cellular version of the Fenix might come out later this year. That is the route Garmin took with Forerunner 945. The non-cellular edition was released in April 2019, and the 945 LTE in June 2021. This makes the original ripe for an update — it will be nearly three years now since it has not seen a true replacement.

Forerunner 955 LTE - listing appears on Garmin’s website

The very first concrete evidence that the watch may be coming shortly comes from none other than Garmin itself. A Fenix 955 LTE model listing was seen on the websites of the company’s Australian and New Zealand operations for close to a day. There was also a purchase link next to it that let you add it to your basket with a delivery date of “5-8 weeks.” However, the delivery date was not specified. We have no way of knowing whether or not somebody really attempted to complete a purchase. They were doomed to failure because Garmin has since removed the listing from their website.

But what does this tell us? It informs us that the device is currently being developed and that there will be an LTE-capable variant in the future. And that the release date won’t be too much longer to wait.

There was a white variant and a black variant that were both listed. On the website for the Australian company, the price was listed as AUD 1,049, around $750 USD. This is about perfect for a mobile version if you ask me.

If you were interested in viewing the listing, I’m sorry to inform you that it is no longer available. That should tell you something. On the other hand, a screenshot was uploaded to Reddit by a user. One more can be seen on Garmin’s forum, although we have reason to believe it will be taken down soon.

It would appear that the sports watch company is working on getting the 955 ready for release. When will it land? That’s anyone’s guess. It might happen as soon as the following week, or it might not occur until a few months. Because it would be counterintuitive to release the Forerunner 955 soon after the Fenix 7, we are placing our bets on a launch in the spring. In addition, we anticipate that the Instinct 2 and Instinct 2s will officially debut on February 1st.

What to anticipate in terms of the capabilities offered by the Forerunner 955 LTE

It is difficult to determine with much confidence what the new watch might bring. Likely, this model will also include all of the features found in the Fenix 7. Releasing headline-grabbing additional capability on the 955 soon after the Fenix 7 introduction will not go down well with folks who have just acquired the new watch.

However, Garmin might benefit from making more use of cellular functionality. This feature functions on the 945 LTE more as an emergency communication tool that requires a subscription than as something you can use to make calls or send and receive text messages when the phone is unavailable. Something comparable to the cellular version of the Apple Watch would be excellent. Additionally, linking LTE to the functions of the Venu 2 Plus smart assistant is possible.

After that, it would not be unreasonable to anticipate some design enhancements. A more compact body, increased battery life, solar charging, and maybe touch screen capabilities. The screen might be expanded by shrinking the bezel. Lastly, only one size is available for this product generation. There is always the possibility that Garmin will release a more compact model that is better suited for people with more delicate wrists.

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