The Purpose of the Smart Band Being Distributed to Manchester City Fans is to Engage Them

The reigning champions of the Premier League in the United Kingdom are aiming to increase fan participation by releasing the very first football-themed smart band. The publication, which has a suggested retail price of £79.99, makes a commitment to inform the customers about all that is going on at the club.

At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, technology played a larger role than it ever has before, both on the field of play and off of it. The usage of video technology and a fresh method for doing tactical analysis were only two examples of the improvements we observed. The use of electronics that could be worn was fundamental to all of this. The referees wore the linked Big Bang Referee wristwatch, and the official Telstar 18 ball came with an NFC chip to improve the experience for the fans.

Now, Manchester City have found a way to continue to keep their fans interested and involved (and make a few bucks in the process). They have introduced a creative wristband called Fantom, which delivers information on the countdown to kick-off for events, live broadcast reports, news headlines, and more.

In reality, the wearable was developed by a company called Turnpike Group, which is based in Sweden. They refer to themselves as the “world leader in fantech.”

In a news statement, Carl Norberg, one of the co-founders of Turnpike Group, described Fantom as “an instantaneous tribe transmitter on your wrist,” which creates the sensation of being connected to everything that is taking place in the club.

“It is absolutely thrilling for club teams since it empowers them to comprehend and reach their most passionate supporters in a totally personalized way, without cannibalizing existing sales, relationships, or channels,” said one commentator. 

Fantom also gives its users the ability to vote on club issues and participate in daily quizzes. During games, City fans will soon be able to select their own “Man of the Match” with only a flick of the wrist. 

“Fantom is for all of those who are fans. Those “who stay up at various time differences far away and those that are trapped at the office,” an advertisement on the official website states, “the fans in the bleachers, the shout in the bars.”

“Fantom is designed to keep you connected to your club no matter where you are, and we are constantly putting in extra effort to make that connection even more satisfying.

“We have just scratched the surface. Fantom is going to provide you with the most recent news and updates, as well as live match reporting, polls, and quizzes, right on your wrist today. Regardless of where you are on the planet.

As was previously established, participants who want in on the fun will have to shell out $79.99 in order to do so. It is not surprising that supporters of the City are divided by the announcement, and some of them are using social media to make fun of the idea. After all, you only need to remove your smartphone from its case in order to use all of these features at no cost.

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