The PUSH Band 2.0, Which is from The Next Generation, Brings Forth New Ways to Exercise

The PUSH Band 2.0, Which is from The Next Generation, Brings Forth New Ways to Exercise

PUSH has revealed the availability of the second iteration of their fitness bracelet that tracks workouts. Now, in addition to being worn on your skin, the band may also be fastened to other pieces of workout equipment.

The strength wristband is being marketed by the firm as the very first wearable device to have its accuracy verified by scientific research. According to the company, this makes it the first product of its kind to offer really objective data regarding an individual’s strengths in the weight room. The goal of PUSH is to remove any elements of uncertainty from the lifting process. A kind of self-control that will help you reach your fitness goals and lower your risk of injury at the same time.

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If you are not already familiar with the idea of velocity-based education, there is a learning experience involved, and the equipment itself is not particularly user-friendly at first. When we looked at the first iteration of arm bands, we found that after a little bit of training, it was easy to observe how well you were doing in the actual event itself. In the event that the pace for a specific set was excessive, the weight should be increased. A decrease in speed is an indication that fatigue is beginning to set in.

The PUSH Band 2.0 currently presents a fresh method of physical exercise. As an additional workflow choice, the wearable device can alternatively be fastened to the barbell in addition to being worn on the body. Users are therefore able to hop onto the racks first without having to put their bands on and then take them off. Additionally, an anti-slip silicone liner has been added to the strap, and the Bluetooth connection is instantaneous. Additionally, Bluetooth’s range has been increased by up to ten times.

As per the business, the product is already being utilized by a large number of professional teams across a variety of leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and AF. Because PUSH is resistant to water, you won’t need to wash it as frequently. Simply place it on your shoulders and lift. The wearable does an excellent job of delivering immediate feedback and generates a profusion of highly valuable and precise statistics as it does its work. Your strength training will benefit from an additional scientific dimension thanks to the device, which also serves to push you to continually set new goals and increase your personal bests.

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The PUSH Band 2.0 Starter Kit includes an arm strap in addition to the band that features the bar mode sleeve. It is available for purchase on the company’s website for the price of $349.

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