The Realme Band 2 has been officially released, and it has a huge display that measures 1.4 inches.

The Realme Band 2 has been made publicly available, albeit initially exclusively in Malaysia. The wearable device has a huge display that measures 1.4 inches and brings to mind the Honor Watch ES and the Huawei Watch Fit.

The photographs show a gadget that has a highly distinctive appearance in comparison to the Realme Band from the previous iteration. That one was discussed back in March of the previous year. In the end, it was a very straightforward event, which was to be expected given that this was Realme’s first attempt in this market.

The 20-dollar price tag and battery life that lasts for 10 days are the features that stand out the most. A heart rate monitor, different sports possibilities, and control over the music on your smartphone are all included in the package. There is nothing about which one should genuinely brag.

Technical specifications for the Realme Band 2

The next generation hopes to build on the foundation laid by the previous one. To begin, the fitness band seems much more sophisticated, despite the fact that it has a straightforward appearance. The display on the Realme Band 2 is 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) in size, making it much larger than the 0.96-inch display on the first-generation model.

It is a sort of design that blurs the border between fitness bands and smartwatches, such as the Honor Watch ES and the Huawei Watch Fit. Other examples of this type of design include It seems like this is going to become common practice.

The idea is intriguing, but we can’t say for certain that we support it. A fitness band, in our opinion, is for those who are looking for something covert to wear on their wrist. Others may choose from a variety of other smartwatch selections on the market. However, it would seem that there is a need for anything of this kind.

The item weighs 27.3 grams and has real measurements of 45.9 millimeters in height, 12.1 millimeters in width, and 24.6 millimeters in depth. Due to the presence of an optical sensor sensor on-board, basic fitness tracking, monitoring of blood oxygen levels, and monitoring of heart rate are all included in the package. However, it did not turn out to be the case that we would even obtain blood pressure monitoring. Some people had hoped that we would. There is no built-in GPS, but you can still track 90 different sports modes.

The watch is able to interact with the Realme Link app since it supports Bluetooth 5.1, which is an upgrade from the previous version, which only supported Bluetooth 4.2. Because of this, it is also able to make use of remote controls for the Internet of Things devices produced by the company.

Realme has succeeded in cramming a huge capacity battery into a device despite the fact that a large display consumes a lot of electricity. The 204 mAh battery can power everything for as long as 12 days without needing to be recharged. A USB connection to the magnetic PINs is required in order to charge the device. In contrast to the original generation, which was charged by removing a strap and inserting it into a USB port, the second version does not need a strap.

One further enhancement has to do with making the area watertight. From an IP68 classification, this has been upgraded to a 5 ATM certification.

Pricing and availability of the Realme Band 2

The majority of fashion firms that produce wearable goods schedule their product launches during the two months beginning in early September. This is done so that products may be distributed far in advance of the crucial Christmas shopping season. Between the middle of November and the end of the year, it is quite unusual for a new fitness tracker or smartwatch to be introduced.

The Realme Band 2 is now only available for purchase in Malaysia. However, it is quite possible that it will soon be made available in a number of other countries as well. In terms of its pricing, the Realme Band 2 can be purchased for around $33 USD (139 Malaysian ringits).

Realme is staying active and is gradually establishing itself as a formidable competitor in the low-cost wearables market. The firm discontinued the Watch 2 Pro in May, which included an internal GPS and a more powerful battery. This scale came after its first one. This one was made public in March of 2021, and it has a total of 16 different sorts of health measures.

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