The Rebble App Store, which is designed to work with Pebble watches, is now available for purchase.

The Rebble App Store is now (largely) open for entries, as the company stated earlier today. This is a significant step toward PebbleOS’s eventual replacement.

It is the goal of the Rebble operating system to ensure that Pebble watches continue to function perpetually. The project initially started out as a supplement to the official documentation that was provided for the Pebble. However, it changed into something else once Fitbit discontinued the platform in June of the previous year.

Pebble’s infrastructure and web-based functions are no longer supported by Fitbit, which means that Pebble watches may still function, albeit with severely reduced capabilities. It was around this point that RebbleOS was developed.

Pebble became the unofficial lead group for continuing the development of the Pebble operating platform when the Pebble company discontinued operations. The developer community that is housed there has been hard at work on a project to replace critical components of the Pebble environment. Pebble’s founder, Eric Migicovsky, is on record as supporting the new configuration.

The creation of the new App Store is one of the fruits of this labour. Even while the Pebble OS already had apps that had been ported over from the previous platform, this is the very first time a brand new app that has been developed by a third party has been included.

The procedure for adding applications is now functioning despite having some kinks to iron out. You can find the instructions for submitting a Pebble app here if you have one that you would want to share. In order to illustrate this, we will take the instance of the RSS reader application that was sent in a few days ago.

Those individuals who are still head over heels in love with their Pebble watch will find all of this to be very exciting news. Since its initial release, RebbleOS has achieved significant progress. The end goal is to restore access to all of the services that were unavailable this time last year. There is still a lot of work to be done before this can be considered a suitable replacement for the Pebble OS, but progress is being made.

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