The Redmi Band

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The Redmi Band: The Mi Fan Festival, which took place in China on April 3, was larger than it had ever been before as part of Xiaomi’s celebration of the event’s tenth anniversary. The Beijing-based company has vowed to release 22 new items, ranging from Internet of Things devices to smart washing machines and air conditioning units.

Fans of fitness trackers will be ecstatic to find that they will soon be able to get their hands on the most affordable fitness tracker to date, which is even more affordable than the Mi Band 4.

Redmi Band is a more diminutive sub-brand that is a part of Xiaomi. On Friday, as part of the Mi Fan Festival, they unveiled their very first fitness tracker brand under the Redmi Band name.

This fitness tracker, which will be sold under the brand name ‘Redmi Band’ and will cost approximately $17, will be among the most affordable trackers currently on the market. If you head over to Redmi’s CrowdFunding endeavors beginning on April 9 and are quick enough, you might be able to snag one for only $13 if you do so.

What do we know

The Redmi fitness tracker bracelet will have a color display that is thin and just a little bit larger than one inch. The Redmi band will have a rectangular dial in contrast to its brothers, the Mi bands, which provide circular stones.

Because the specifications have not yet been made public, we do not know very much about the hardware at this time; nonetheless, Xiaomi boasts an incredible battery life of 14 days between charges. Because it will be powered via a USB A port built into the chassis, you will not need to worry about misplacing a charger or docking station.

A sensor that can detect an optical heart rate is included in the fitness features. It will keep track of the various things you do throughout the day, such as walking, running, hiking, swimming, and other activities.

Due to the fact that this wearable is centered on the fundamentals, the Redmi will not support NFC payments, in contrast to the Mi Band 4.

You will have the option of purchasing it in either brown, black, red, or blue coloration.

It is recommended that you regard it as a cheap watch and not expect it to endure too much. It is resistant to some minor water splashes, sweatiness, and things like dust or cosmetics; nonetheless, it does offer some resistance to these things.

Beginning this Thursday, April 9, customers in China will be able to purchase it. If you are not located in China, we recommend that you look into the new mi band five that was released in June of 2020.

We compared Fitbit and Xiaomi so that you can make an informed decision if you’re on the fence about switching to a new brand.

Functionalities and Characteristics

The manner in which it is charged was one of the aspects of it that we found to be the most fascinating. You can charge your Redmi Band by connecting it to any regular USB port and then plugging it in. This is a genuinely major improvement that will enable you to have it charged virtually anywhere without needing to find a dedicated watch-specific charger. This is a huge step forward in the evolution of wearable technology.

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