Roxford Fitness Tracker User Opinions And Reviews

Roxford Fitness Tracker User Opinions And Reviews

The Roxford is a sleek hybrid timepiece that features built-in intelligence for measuring your activity and fitness levels.

There are some people who have no interest in having a fully-featured smartwatch. Analogue or hybrid Smartwatches are classic-looking wearables that combine the appearance and performance of a traditional watch with the capabilities that are present in today’s smartwatches. These Smartwatches can also be referred to as hybrid watches. They offer the user the best of both worlds, if you will pardon the pun.

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Because of its modular construction, the Roxford smartwatch has a sleek appearance that is appropriate for both the boardroom and the gym. Users are able to quickly experiment with different looks thanks to a snap technology that allows for quick release. The smartwatch can be transformed into a conventional fitness band by detaching the watch face entirely and replacing it with one of the four quick-release straps that are included in the package. These straps are made of premium leather, 316L stainless steel, a sporty silicone version, and silicone rubber.

The intelligent strap, on the other hand, is where the majority of the innovation lies in a gadget of this hybrid type. In contrast to the majority of smartwatches now available, which put the processing power in the watch face, Cardiff Design has decided to place theirs in the watch buckle. The ingenious construction helps distribute weight evenly across your wrist so that you can maintain your equilibrium and be comfortable. Because of its fashionable appearance, no one will even notice that you are sporting a fitness tracker.

The Roxford will keep track of your activities and automatically record the data as you go about your day. During the day, it will monitor the number of steps you take, the calories you burn, and the distance you travel. At night, it will track how well you sleep. Within the corresponding mobile app, you will have the ability to do a comprehensive review of each day’s activities. The information can also be synchronized with other services and platforms, such as Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and a number of others.

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In terms of other specifications, the battery has a magnetic charging system and has an impressively long life span of 12 days. While the main watch unit is water resistant to a depth of one hundred meters, the fitness tracking element is only water resistant to a depth of fifty meters. There is a choice between a 38mm and a 44mm option for the size.

Starting at $169 and going higher.

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