The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is completely incompatible with all Apple products

The recently introduced Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic from Samsung are not compatible with Apple’s iPhones. In addition to this, several of the most useful health features are exclusive to Samsung Galaxy phones, so make sure you have one of them.

Yesterday was the long-awaited reveal of the highly anticipated smartphone. Its technical specifications do not fall short in any way, but this is only the case if you own a Samsung phone.

Those who do not have Galaxy phones, and particularly those who have iPhones, should give the new watch some serious consideration before buying it. This is due to the fact that they will be unable to access some aspects of the health features. And iPhones are completely worthless since they are not compatible with the gadget in any way.

Those who use Galaxy phones have access to the most advanced health features.

The important information is hidden in the fine print. This demonstrates that the optimum benefits for one’s health are not always accessible to everyone.

The BioActive health sensor that’s included inside the Galaxy Watch 4 is one example of this. This monitors both the blood pressure and the oxygen levels in the blood. You will, however, need the Samsung Health Monitor app in order to have access to these readings. which is exclusive to the Galaxy Store and cannot be found on the Google Play Store at this time.

The same is true for the electrocardiogram (ECG). These readings are only available to those who are in possession of a Samsung mobile device.

It is not quite obvious why the corporation did not also distribute the software via Google’s Play store. After all, Samsung and Google have collaborated on the development of the operating system for the watch. Perhaps this is an effort on the company’s part to establish a sense of exclusivity for their product.

Or maybe this is a strategy to boost sales of the company’s cellphones. which is really difficult to imagine. Do they really believe that consumers will replace their iPhones with Samsung phones just because of the company’s watches?

It goes without saying that users of other smartphones have not taken well to the news in recent days. There are already links to cracked versions of the Health Monitor app being posted on certain forums on Reddit. It is not shocking, yet approaching things in such a manner is not actually the best way to handle things.

Strangely, at the formal introduction, a Samsung representative said that “... even if you don’t have a Galaxy smartphone, you will still be able to experience the advantages of the Galaxy Watch 4 series.” This was quite unexpected.

You will, but only to a certain extent. You will need a Samsung Galaxy phone in order to get the full experience.

The compatibility footnotes on Samsung’s official website back this up.

“ECG and BP features are only to be utilized by those who are at least 22 years old. Calibration of the blood pressure monitor and arm cuff is required every four weeks to provide accurate blood pressure readings. Galaxy smartphones running Android 7.0 or later are required to use this feature.

Regarding SpO2, the information below may be found on the German product page.

The function that measures the oxygen content of the blood (SpO2) is not appropriate for the diagnosis of illnesses, the treatment of diseases, or the prevention of diseases. To use the feature, you will need a Galaxy smartphone running Android 7 or a later version, or a more recent version, as well as the Samsung Health Monitor software, which can only be found in the Galaxy Store.

iPhones are incompatible with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 device.

To make matters even more difficult, the Galaxy Watch 4 is completely incompatible with iOS. It is thus impossible to link an iPhone with the watch if you own one of those devices. It will not even operate on all Android phones; it is only compatible with devices that run Android 6.0 or later.

Since 2016, Samsung watches have had the capability to integrate smoothly with iOS devices. This feature made its debut that year on the Gear 2 smartwatch, and it has since been included in successive iterations of the Tizen operating system for other devices.

These watches will continue to be compatible with iOS and Samsung systems. However, newer models do not have this compatibility built in. It is uncertain at this point whether or not this will remain the case in the years to come.

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