The Samsung Galaxy Watch allegedly violated trademark laws


Samsung recently switched from the “Gear” brand to the “Galaxy,” but it seems not everyone is pleased with the move. A South Korean IT company is currently being sued for trademark infringement by a Japanese wristwatch.

The Korean Intellectual Property Office received a patent application from Samsung for the Galaxy Watch on June 20. Many people anticipated the watch to be known as the Gear S4 because it is an improved version of the Gear S3 that was released back in 2016. The assumption is that the new brand will more closely align the wearable with Samsung’s current lineup of Galaxy goods.

Although this makes logical sense, it appears that not everyone liked the new name. According to Japanese watchmaker Orient, the “Galaxy” trademark for watches has been in existence since 1984. And now, claiming that Samsung had violated trademark law, it had filed an injunction with the Seoul Central District Court.

According to a representative of Orient, “We have trademarked Galaxy and Galaxy Gold since 1984.”

The trademark and unfair competition prevention laws have been broken by Samsung Electronics’ promotion of the Galaxy Watch as a watch.

Although Orient did indeed obtain the patent in 1984, its watches are mechanical. The regional patent system views this product category as unique. While Orient’s Galaxy watches are categorized as jewelry, Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatch is an electronic product. The conflict is being brought on by this basic disagreement.

The official further stated that this makes it difficult for Orient to produce any additional timepieces under the Galaxy name. Therefore, his business is asking for a Galaxy Watch sales ban. Samsung stated that until it receives the injunction application and has all the information, it will not comment on the situation.


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