Fitbit Activity Tracker For Kids User Opinions And Reviews

Fitbit Activity Tracker For Kids User Opinions And Reviews

It would appear that Fitbit is almost ready to launch its second fitness tracker designed just for children.

The San Francisco company offers a diverse selection of wearables for purchase, such as Ace, which is a wearable that was created particularly for the younger generation. The water-resistant wearable automatically records the number of steps taken, the amount of time spent being active, and the amount of time spent sleeping. It features a battery life of up to 5 days, an OLED screen, and is available in a variety of colorful designs to choose from.

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It would appear that Fitbit is planning to release a second wearable device aimed specifically towards children in the near future. Renders of what TechnoBuffalo claims to be the company’s next-generation fitness tracker for children were published today on the website.

The product is offered in at least two vivid hues to choose from. The first one has a body that is pink and has green accents, while the second one has a body that is blue and has yellow accents. The images show a huge touchscreen display that is black and white and contains a variety of photos and icons that are amusing. On the left side of the device is where you’ll find the only physical button, and the back houses the charging connections. The protective case is very strong, and the device seems to work even when it’s underwater.

The Fitbit Ace does not include a heart rate monitor, and the upcoming tracker will also not include such a feature. There is no more information available regarding the device; nevertheless, due to the fact that the two trackers are somewhat unlike each other, it appears to be the beginning of a second range. The first one looks like Alta and is for people 8 years old and up. The second one has a brand-new design that makes it look like it’s aimed more directly at younger people.

The business has just just included a family account option in the Fitbit app, which gives parents the ability to monitor their children’s activities while also protecting their children’s privacy. The Parent view provides you with the ability to go back and forth between your view and that of your child in order to monitor their activities and progress. Additionally, you are able to manage the people that your children connect with as well as the material that they view.

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There is no information available regarding when Fitbit might debut this product. However, seeing as how renders are beginning to circulate, an official release can’t be too far away at this point.

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