Motiv Activity and Sleep Tracking Ring User Opinions And Reviews

Motiv Activity and Sleep Tracking Ring User Opinions And Reviews

Motiv has made the announcement that its ring that tracks fitness, heart rate, and sleep will start shipping out to customers in the United States today.

Making intelligent items that can be worn on your fingers, such as rings and bracelets, is getting less difficult as technology continues to become smaller while simultaneously increasing in power. A variety of items, such as Ringly, Ura, Ares, and the NFC ring, have recently come to our attention.

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Motiv is a wearable device that was introduced at CES 2017 at the beginning of the year and is intended to assist you in becoming more active while also enhancing the quality of your sleep. The lightweight ring is designed for continuous use around the clock, giving you an accurate picture of both your lifestyle and your health.

According to Bob Hagerty, the Chief Executive Officer of Motiv, “Motiv ushers in a new generation of health and fitness trackers that improve upon the wearability and usefulness of preceding devices.”

“Motiv Ring is compact, unobtrusive, and ‘on’ 24/7, giving a seamless user experience and achieving a more full picture of the user’s fitness and sleep patterns,” says the product description.

The width of the smart ring is merely 8 millimeters, but it contains a proprietary lithium ion battery that has a life expectancy of up to three days, a three-axis accelerometer, an optical heart rate sensor, Bluetooth for syncing, and a tri-colored LED indicator for charging and syncing. Because it is also waterproof to a depth of 5 ATM (50 meters), you do not have to remove it in order to wash your hands, take a shower, or go swimming with it on.

According to Mike Strasser, co-founder of Motiv, “Despite how quickly the wearable market is growing, over half of individuals who buy a fitness tracker lose interest and cease use since current solutions are unpleasant, ugly, and don’t deliver truly relevant information.”

“From a hardware point of view, we were aware that we needed to construct a gadget that you could have with you at all times. In order to accomplish this, it needed to be compact, long-lasting, and waterproof. Additionally, it needed to make it easy to track one’s activity and sleep while being unobtrusive to daily life.

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The complete collection of features is quite good and includes monitoring of active minutes, activity type, sleep length, active heart rate, resting heart rate, calories burnt, distance travelled, and steps taken. The application will set weekly goals and modify daily targets based on the user’s progress toward those goals. is the good place to look to get the device. It is available in seven different ring sizes, as well as in slate grey and rose gold.

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