The Signatur T-Bar from Skagen is a Hybrid That Was Built with Women in Mind

The Signatur T-Bar from Skagen is a Hybrid That Was Built with Women in Mind

In Fossil’s effort to accomplish its goal of 300 connected wearables by the end of this year, the company has introduced a new hybrid. Skagen, a company based in Denmark, is the originator of this item, which belongs to the company’s brand and was created with the needs of women in mind.

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To this day, the Signatur T-Bar is Skagen’s wearable that takes up the least amount of space. The watch has a traditional-looking case with dimensions of 36 millimeters in diameter, a strap that is 16 millimeters wide, and a case thickness of 12 millimeters. However, it comes equipped with a number of modern functions.

All of the typical hybrid characteristics of fossil organisms are present. This indicates that you will be able to locate fundamental activity tracking, in addition to smartphone notifications for texts, emails, or calls, as well as music and remote camera control. In addition, the watch will keep the time and date up to date for you automatically. All of this is integrated into Skagen’s app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android, and it is there that you may customize your alert and function choices.

There is a wide selection of hues available, and some of them are gold, rose gold, gray, and silver. You also have the option of selecting leather straps in either gray or black, as well as mesh straps in either silver or rose gold.

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The watch is water resistant to a depth of three atmospheres, which means that it should be able to withstand the occasional splash, but you shouldn’t plan on taking it swimming with you. The watch comes equipped with a regular watch battery, so you won’t have to worry about remembering to charge it every night like you would with other watches.

Amazon currently has the T-Bar hybrid collection in stock for your shopping convenience.

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