The SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band was developed by Philips.

The SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band from Philips is designed to put an end to your habit of snoring and provide you and your bedmate with a more restful night’s sleep. The wearable, which had its initial announcement at CES 2019, is now available for purchase.

The company’s selection of sleep aids includes a number of different kinds of products. Both the sleep and wake-up light, Somneo, and the SmartSleep headband are included in this. The SmartSleep headband is intended to increase the quality of deep sleep, while the Somneo light helps you sleep and wake up at the appropriate times. We are now able to expand its range to include a third device.

The Philips Snoring Relief Band is intended to do exactly what its name suggests: to provide relief from snoring. According to the statistics, forty per cent of adult men and twenty-four per cent of adult women in the United States are chronic snorers. This not only makes it difficult for them to sleep, but it also makes it difficult for their partner to sleep.

It seems like a relatively straightforward solution to the problem. When you get into bed, you will need to secure the band so that it is slightly below your chest in order to utilise it. The device contains a miniature sensor that monitors your sleep and alerts you if it detects that you are sleeping on your back. After then, it gives you a light vibration that nudges you to move to your side. This is helpful because sleeping on your back is associated with increased levels of snoring.

The intensity and pattern of the vibrations will automatically adjust to the needs of your snoring, and the entire process is incredibly subtle, so it won’t wake either you or your spouse up. According to Philips, your habits will slowly alter as a result of regular use, and you will find that you are less inclined to sleep on your back.

In addition to that, the company is launching a few software-based products and services. The first component is an advanced teaching system known as the SmartSleep Analyzer, which is designed to assist users in gaining a better understanding of the difficulties they have while trying to get adequate amounts of sleep. The second option is the SmartSleep Better Sleep Program, which employs the use of a mobile application to retrain individuals to be able to fall asleep and remain asleep.

The pricing of the band on the Philips shop is currently listed at $199.99. The website states that it will ship between three to nine business days.

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