The Stunning LG Watch Style

The LG Watch Style is a fashionable accessory that, as its name indicates, combines the capabilities of a traditional wristwatch with those of a fitness tracker. It also features a sleek design.

The face of this smartwatch is entirely customizable, in addition to having alluring lines, which are only two of its many strengths.

It has a user interface that is both easy to use and responsive, it can quickly synchronise with your mobile device, and it comes packed with a variety of useful functions. Considering using it for your day-to-day tasks is definitely a good idea.


The LG Watch Style is a more stylish alternative to the LG Watch W7, which is a more robust watch but has greater specifications.

It was developed in conjunction with Google, and the user interface is modelled after the Android Wear 2.0 platform. It bridges the gap between smartwatches that seem utilitarian and those that look like attractive timepieces. This piece of hardware features clean contours, a face that is simple to customise, and bands that can be swapped out.

Its compact form has an easy-to-understand display and an interactive crown, both of which improve the user’s overall experience and level of control.

Activity monitoring tools that are accurate but few in number appeal to fitness aficionados. Despite the fact that it does not have an exceptional battery capacity and is not functional with a large number of the apps available in the Play Store, it is still a standalone device that may free you from your need on your mobile phone.


Both LG and Google put more emphasis on their smart features than their fitness monitoring capabilities. To tell you the truth, this is not the greatest feature-packed wristwatch on the market, but it is still a decent gadget that has a low profile and a range of useful functions.

It comes with a startling interactive crown that can be used to navigate and engage with the apps, in addition to a standard touchscreen that functions well.

Simply scroll it to move through the different menus, or touch it to switch on the smartwatch, stop a call, or go back to the main screen.

The user experience is improved when the interface is straightforward; for example, you can simply scroll to view lengthy messages rather than accessing numerous pages, and you may quit the apps without any effort.

In addition to its interactive crown, the LG Watch Style now recognises gestural commands. These capabilities allow you to cycle between applications, view texts, and revert to the home screen with a simple flick of the wrist or shake of the wrist.

The use of voice control with Google Assistant brings an entirely new dimension to the wristwatch experience. You may also use it to compose texts, in addition to accessing features and setting reminders.

One of the most sought-after aspects of the LG Watch Style is its rapid messaging capability, which enables the wearer to view and respond to text messages right from the wrist.

You have the option of using the virtual keyboard, or the handwriting recognition in the Smart Reply function has been improved. The best part is that you can even utilise emojis when conversing on WhatsApp, WeChat, or Facebook Messenger. This feature is available on all three of these platforms.


The LG Watch Style features a refined appearance that makes it suitable for both men and women to wear. The design incorporates both metal and plastic components, but it never looks or feels cheap.

Titanium, silver, and the critically regarded rose gold are the three colour options, and the bands are made of fine Italian leather for an added sense of sophistication.

You can always give it a new appearance by simply exchanging the straps or changing the colour or picture that is used as the backdrop on the face of the watch. This is true regardless of the colour you choose.

The LG Watch Style gives you the option to select from five different face colours and six different themes, all of which are presented in a full-circle P-OLED display that looks fantastic.

You may also choose up to eight compilations of applications to organise in whatever manner you wish, for rapid access to the functions that you use often. This option is dependent on the theme that you select.

The LG wristwatch, much like all other smartwatches that are worth their salt, is resistant to water splashes; nevertheless, you will need to remove it before going swimming.

Tracking One’s Fitness Level 

This wristwatch may nevertheless satisfy a fitness junkie despite the fact that LG did not place a significant emphasis on the functionality of activity monitoring.

It is svelte, not heavy, and attractive; you may use it for a wide range of activities during the day, including in the gym and at the workplace.

You may use it in conjunction with Google Fit when you are jogging outside or on a treadmill, walking, hiking, biking, and even engaging in unusual yoga positions or aerobics.

It makes use of the GPS on your phone and has an accelerometer built-in into it, so it can keep track of the number of steps you take, the distance you go, and the calories you burn.

It is less precise for calculating calories because of the absence of a heart rate sensor, but it records the number of steps taken and the distance travelled properly. It is possible for the metrics to be displayed directly on the display, however, this is dependent on the theme and setting that you have chosen.

Another function that is not included is one that monitors your sleep; this is a significant omission given that the wristwatch must also rest when you do. The battery life is low, but it does come with a wireless charging port that includes a magnetic base for added convenience.

The primary benefits 

  • Design that is unobtrusive, simple, and lightweight.
  • Interface for Android Wear 2.0 that is quick and responsive
  • Integration of the Play Store
  • Support for native apps on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS
  • Designed to fit wrists of any size
  • Readable even when exposed to direct sunshine.

Main Disadvantages

  • The lifespan of the battery is underwhelming
  • No GPS receiver integrated in

The Way That We Tested 

We spent the entire day wearing the LG Watch Style while engaging in a wide variety of activities so that we could evaluate its performance.

The precision with which its activity monitoring tools recorded our movements left us quite pleased. On the other hand, there is no heart rate sensor, therefore the estimation of the number of calories burned may not be entirely reliable. Although it does not have a GPS of its own, it may use the GPS on your smartphone without any problems.

Being able to forget you’re even wearing it because it’s so light and airy is a significant plus point for this item. The extremely short life of the battery is the one thing that’s disappointing about it. After around 8 hours of continuous use on our part, it betrayed us and left.


If you are searching for an Android Wear wristwatch, the LG Watch Style is an excellent option to consider because it is both a functional timepiece and a wonderful pick. It may serve as a replacement for your phone on several occasions, and it is exceptionally simple to operate.

Fashionistas are attracted to the slim and streamlined designs, while the smooth, twistable crown boosts the ease of use and usefulness of the product.

Even though it’s not the most advanced fitness tracker on the market, the Apple Watch Series 4 is still a fantastic wristwatch. If you don’t mind the incredibly short power life, this product is without a doubt excellent value for the money.

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