The Suunto 7 and 9 Baro both receive significant software updates, as well as titanium models

Suunto has initiated the distribution of a significant software update for the Suunto 7 and 9 Baro watches. Titanium iterations of the watches are also being developed.

A software update and a titanium edition are available for the Suunto 9 Baro

Suunto has revealed that it will be updating the software for the Suunto 9 Baro, which will result in the addition of numerous new capabilities. The download has the number 2.14.12 associated with it.

The most notable of all of the upgrades is an updated navigation system that was developed by Koot. This also applies to all Spartan watches, as well as the Suunto 5, 7, and other versions of 9. To refresh your memory, the most recent version of the software introduced navigation based on points of interest (POI). The target places are first saved in an app on the user’s smartphone, and then the watch is used to navigate the user towards those saved sites.

The integration with Koot enables navigation on a turn-by-turn basis as well as warnings as you get closer to turning. You will also have the ability to plan a route using the desktop or mobile software provided by Komoot. When you sync your device, this should then be visible in the “Routes” area of the Suunto app. After that, you’ll be able to transfer it to the watch through the app on your phone.

In addition, the Suunto 9 comes with a whole new battery mode called “Tour,” which enables continuous GPS tracking for a full week. This effectively disables certain functions and tones down the illumination and color intensity to a minimum.

Last but not least, Suunto will also be producing a titanium model of the Suunto 9 Baro. To refresh your memory, Baro previously offered a Titanium edition, but this one has been updated recently. For the year 2021, the watch was updated in several areas, including the design of its bezel and other components.

Another difference between the old and new models is that the band on the latter is not made of silicone but of an abrasion-resistant woven cloth. All of these changes contribute to the 2021 version having a more stylish appearance while also making it 14.1 grams lighter than the standard Baro and 9.1 grams lighter than the previous titanium.

Suunto 7 and titanium edition software updates

In an effort to stay competitive, Suunto 7 will also be receiving a number of additional features. This is the only Suunto watch that currently runs Wear OS, and some of the updates are quite significant.

The timepiece will now, at long last, include sleep tracking in addition to the turn-by-turn navigation provided by komoot. This refers to the total amount of time spent sleeping as well as the various stages of sleep. As the old saying goes, it’s better to be late than never.

Image source: Suunto

An additional addition is anything that’s been given the name Body Resources. This reminds me a lot of the Body Battery that Garmin makes. It combines data on sleep, daily activity, and stress to give you an overall picture of where you are in terms of your body’s resources.

The next number is the average heart rate for the day. Within the Suunto app, this displays your heart rate in real time and keeps track of it in minute-by-minute increments around the clock. Therefore, not at the standard of every 15 minutes set by Wear OS. Battery life may suffer as a result of these features, although the change will probably not be too significant.

In a separate piece, we went over everything that was included in the titanium edition. The delivery date is given as April 21st according to Amazon, which already allows you to pre-order the watch. On the Suunto website, it has a price tag of $499, which is around $100 more than the ordinary version of the product.

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