The Suunto 9 is a high-end sports watch that doesn't need to be worried about running out of battery

The Suunto 9 is the company’s newest GPS sports watch, and it has a great battery life. It was released today.

It would appear that a significant number of producers are not devoting their resources to expanding the longevity of smartwatches beyond what is now possible. For example, the Apple Watch Series 3 can be used for more than two days on a single charge, which is really impressive given how many features it has. However, this is not enough.

Despite the continued reliance on more archaic lithium-ion technology, advancements in battery technology are being made on what feels like an almost daily basis. Researchers from all around the world are putting in a lot of effort to develop batteries that have a bigger capacity, can be charged more quickly and frequently, and are less likely to fail. And we are seeing modest improvements.

The Suunto 9 is a sports watch that is loaded with features and pays particular attention to this issue. The timepiece has a battery life that can range anywhere from 25 to 120 hours, and that’s with the GPS tracking function turned on! One method for achieving this is by decreasing the power of the GPS. This was made possible by the ‘FusedTrack’ technology developed by the Finnish business. This system integrates data from motion sensors and GPS devices.

You also have the option of selecting one of several predetermined battery settings, including Performance, Endurance, and Ultra. Alternately, you may make your own bespoke version. The watch will inform you of how much battery life you have remaining in the mode that you are currently using when you begin recording an activity. This will allow you to determine whether or not you should switch to a different mode. People who run really long distances, participate in triathlons or simply have a tendency to forget to charge their devices on a regular basis may find this feature quite helpful.

Moving on from the battery, the Suunto 9 features built-in support for over 80 different sports modes; wrist heart rate measurement from Valencell Inc.; a water resistance rating of 100 meters; and a design that is both sturdy and resistant to damage. There is also an alert for storms, complete GPS route navigation, times for sunrise and sunset, and a lot of other wonderful features. It is also compatible with the latest Suunto app, which not only records all of your daily activities but also makes it possible for you to connect with other people in the Suunto community.

When everything is taken into account, the Suunto 9 appears to be an intriguing product to be offered by the Finnish company. You may anticipate its arrival on the market on June 26 in both black and white color variants. Both Amazon and are good places to purchase the watch.

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