The Suunto 9 Watch Review: Fitness Features, Design, Pros and Cons

The Suunto 9 Watch Review: Fitness Features, Design, Pros and Cons

The Suunto Watch 9 is now available in the markets. Suunto is among a small number of companies that makes GPS watches. These are created to meet the particular needs of the market. Suunto Smartwatches are made from bomb-proof materials. They have a lot of remarkable features. So, they can deal with just about anything nature throws at them. The Suunto 9, one of the brand’s newest models, offers unrivaled GPS performance, extra-long battery life, and a durable build. For any enthusiastic athlete, it’s a fantastic option.

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Features of Suunto 9

The Suunto 9 favors a more moderate approach to sports tracking. There is an optical heart rate monitor. An accelerometer is also integrated to track steps, resting heart rate, sleep, and calories burned. All of this information can be synchronized with the brand’s mobile app. This allows you to see trends over a year, month, week, or day.

However, while this information can be recorded, it is presented in an overly simplistic manner. The sleep section, for example, displays total sleep time and resting heart rate. However, neither movement nor sleep cycles are broken down any further.

On the plus side, this GPS watch includes complete smartwatch functionality, allowing you to connect with your smartphone. This watch will get phone, email, and text notifications when connected to a phone via Bluetooth. Before swiping back to the customary watch face, you can scroll to see part of the message. However, the watch does not allow you to delete or react to notifications. Furthermore, you cannot make or receive phone calls, which is inconvenient.


The Suunto, like most GPS multisport watches, is big and bulky. It may be huge, with a width of 50mm and a weight of 81g. However, it appears to be fit and comfy. The polyamide case and replacement strap have been meticulously crafted to fit the wrist. It’s easy to wear for long periods because of the flexible, soft silicone band.

Stainless steel is used for the bezel. The band is relatively thick and won’t break easily, making it excellent for resisting scratches and chipping. Meanwhile, the 320 x 300 resolution sapphire crystal display is sharp and clear. It’s simple to tap and swipe to make your options because it’s a touch screen.

Fitness Features

The Suunto 9 has many fitness monitoring features, which you’d want from a watch geared for endurance athletes. It can support up to 80 different hobbies, ranging from sailing to yoga. The menu has been carefully arranged into a twenty-item shortlist of favorite activities. Suunto’s Movescount program can be used to change this. The workout data may be displayed onscreen.

Elevation, distances, heart rate information, and much more may be tracked. You can also use a “smile” scale to track how you feel after your workout. Each workout’s data is saved on your smartphone, allowing you to sync it or examine it afterward.


  • Smart battery mode provides an excellent battery life of 120 hours.
  • On each workout session, a plethora of performance indicators is captured.
  • Touch screen with high resolution
  • Motion-based Tracking using FusedTrack
  • A strap that is both comfortable and easy to wear.


  • No advanced sleep analysis options.
  • Limited control on notifications.

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Is There a Competitor for Suunto 9?

 Garmin Fenix 5 Plus or the new Fenix 6 smartwatch may be a better option for any fitness devotee who wants more control over performance data without increased battery life. It combines a powerful feature set, third-party app support, customization capabilities, and a sleek design to create a fantastic package.

If you’re just getting started with your fitness routine, a less expensive sports watch like the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music can suffice. It has an optical heart rate monitor, multisport tracking, GPS, and onboard music. Read more about how to pick between Suunto and Garmin for a more in-depth comparison.

Is Suunto 9 Worth Buying?

Suunto watches are noted for their rigid designs, which are suited to the hardcore endurance market. This brand’s previous products were equally impressive. As a result, you won’t be disappointed by the Suunto 9’s design. This smartwatch provides up to five years of reliable fitness tracking.

Another benefit of purchasing a Suunto watch is that the company typically supports its older models. Updates are released regularly, introducing new features and upgrading old ones. So, a device from this company is a safe and long-lasting option.

You’ll love the Suunto 9 if you’re an endurance athlete looking for a tough, sturdy watch that can keep up with intense and hardcore exercises. It’s excellent if you want to cycle or run for long periods while keeping track of your every move. Its tracking capabilities and long battery life make it a worthy purchase.

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However, its simplified data presentation may not be suitable for many users, especially given this item’s increased price tag. If you’re not a hardcore athlete who requires the extra-durable features, you might choose to go with a less expensive option.

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