The Suunto Traverse Review

The Suunto Traverse Review

The Suunto Traverse is a GPS-enabled smartwatch that promises standard GPS capabilities. It’s the first Suunto watch that has been developed exclusively for outdoor use. While the design of this watch is a little more chunky than other alternatives, the engineering is really sturdy. It is, in reality, up to military criteria.

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Suunto first released the Traverse line in 2015. The Amber, White, Black, Slate, and Graphite models are among the five watches in the collection. All of them have excellent performance and appealing designs. The Traverse was designed primarily for those who enjoy outdoor activities and for those who need a reliable watch to accompany them on their excursions. Therefore, the Traverse comes standard with so many innovative features. GPS, a Bluetooth chipset, a barometer, and a compass are just a few examples.


The Traverse offers an easy-to-use UI. It includes buttons for selecting various screen configurations and operations. While it isn’t particularly simple, it is somewhat okay to master.

The watch is quite durable, which is crucial in an outdoor watch. Both the face and the straps are scratch and tear-resistant. You would not have to bother wearing it in the rain or a river because it’s waterproof to 100 meters. The strap is composed of soft silicone and is waterproof and sturdy. This watch is simple to use for the majority of individuals. However, owing to its size, it may be difficult to wear for long periods if you have tiny wrists.


This fitness tracker watch for outdoor use comes with a plethora of capabilities. This makes it a perfect option for anyone who wants to increase their fitness outdoors while keeping track of their development over time. It goes without saying that this watch can be used as a stopwatch or a countdown timer. It also comes with a digital compass to make navigation an easy task.

Another exciting feature of this watch is the in-built sensor, which can constantly measure air pressure. The altimeter, barometer, and automated settings are available. This watch indicates your elevation and barometer and GPS altitudes, which can be entered into an altitude graph to monitor your performance more conveniently. A weather trend indicator with a storm alarm function is also included. If you’re going trekking or hiking, this could be helpful for you.

Suunto Traverse is linked to the Suunto Movescount website. This allows you to browse and download your activities and export your GPS files to other apps such as Strava.

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What Are the Fitness Tracking Features of the Suunto Traverse?

Although the Suunto Traverse can detect your heart rate, it requires the purchase of an additional belt or wrist monitor. This is a minor disadvantage that will increase the cost of your fitness tracker. On the plus side, customers can choose from five distinct sports modes. During your workout, you’ll see all of the crucial data, such as your pace, ascent, speed, and heart rate. After your workout, the app will provide you with a more detailed report and GPS tracking.

The Suunto Traverse is an excellent choice of watch for anyone who enjoys various outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, and paddling. You can install up to three apps for each sports mode on this watch. You may either make them yourself or select them from the Movescount app zone, which will provide you with even more data about your physical fitness.


  • Solid military engineering
  • An easy-to-use user interface
  • Silicone strap that is comfortable to wear.
  • Integrated GPS tracking and non-scratch screen


  • Bulky design
  • No heart rate monitor

Will it be the right choice?

One of the most appealing features of the Suunto Traverse is that it combines the functions of a watch with a GPS device. This device is comfy around your wrist and durable enough to take with you everywhere you go, whether you’re climbing the mountains or swimming in a river.

While it may be used to measure your physical exercise at its most basic level, it can also be taken to a higher level, enabling you to use the advanced route and navigational choices. The altimeter feature makes tracking more manageable. The storm alert option is a nice bonus feature that will be handy for any outdoor person.

Even though this watch is bulkier than some of its competitors, it may be worn casually. Its ability to integrate with the Movescount app makes tracking your progress over time more manageable.

It may not be a perfect substitute for more powerful GPS units with in-built mapping. But if convenience is your priority, this watch is tough to match. It’s considerably easier to handle than a GPS unit, and, as a bonus, it frees up your hands.

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In a Nutshell

The bottom line is that if you enjoy outdoor activities and require a watch that combines a variety of sports tracking features with enough sturdiness to endure whatever the outdoors may throw at it, the Suunto Traverse may be the watch for you. Suppose you like indoor activities or want a more minimalist, elegant choice to wear on your wrist. In that case, however, other options on the market today might be a better fit.

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