The sweat patch from Gatorade is now available in stores

Gatorade’s sweat patch is now available for purchase. The one-time-use wearable uses a lab-testing process to deliver data on your specific sweat profile.

Wearables track everything from steps and calories to the amount of reps and sets you lift at the gym. These devices are improving with each passing day, but it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a fitness device that has genuinely opened up a new frontier in health monitoring.

That appears to be changing in 2021. Blood pressure may now be tracked using optical sensors on the wrist, as we reported a few weeks ago. Glucose tracking from the same location is getting closer as well. However, there is one incredibly useful source of health data that has been overlooked thus far: your sweat.

Sweat tracking

Every drop of this liquid reveals information about what is going on inside the body. Dehydration, stress, muscle cramps, excessive cholesterol, depression, and even blood glucose are all covered.

Sweat is an appropriate source for capturing data that is often collected from our blood, urine, and saliva by the medical profession. It’s also the least invasive, as there’s no need for a needle or a cup.

Although therapeutic uses date back to the 1950s, sweat science is still in its infancy. Only now are we seeing tremendous advancements in technology for a variety of applications ranging from athletics to paediatrics to pharmaceutical monitoring.

GX Sweat Patch Gatorade, a PepsiCo company, was one of the first to market with a commercial sweat analysis product. Their sweat patch, created in collaboration with John Rogers and his team, examines colour changes induced by chemical interactions. Users can then examine the patch to keep track of their dehydration and chloride levels in their bodies.

Gatorade shows off a prototype of its sweat patch.

This is a one-time-use garment that you should attach to your inner forearm. During exercise, it fills up with sweat from there. Gatorade recommends wearing the Gx Sweat Patch for 30 minutes at a time.

When you’re finished, use your smartphone to scan the patch. Your sweat profile will be displayed on the Gatorade mobile app.

Gatorade shows off a prototype of its sweat patch

Your sweat rate (how much you sweat), sweat type, and sodium concentration are all factors to consider. The app also gives you advice on how to recover in terms of diet and hydration, so you can be ready for your next bike or run.

Apple Health, Garmin, Strava, and other fitness applications are all compatible with the programme. That will provide you with more exercise statistics to chew over.

This link will take you to a page where you can buy the GX Sweat Patch for $249.99 (US customers only). This is a ten-pack box.

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