The term "Wear OS by Google" has been expanded to include "smartwatch"

Users on Reddit have noticed that “Wear OS by Google” has been rebranded to “Wear OS by Google Smartwatch” on the App Store. Is it possible that the search giant is working on a wearable device?

Even though it’s very unlikely that Google will release a wristwatch anytime soon, it doesn’t hurt to keep hope alive. There have been rumblings regarding a Google Pixel watch for quite some time now. These rumours date back many years. If a gadget was heading for a landing in the near future, however, it is quite probable that there would have been some kind of leak.

Although it is intriguing to notice a change to the name, it is possible that this is connected to the company’s purchase by Fitbit. The transaction is anticipated to be finalized sometime later this year, assuming permission from the relevant regulatory bodies.

As was reported a few weeks ago, the United States Department of Justice is in the process of conducting a second request review. This means that both businesses will be required to provide the organization with further information. The transaction is understandably being subjected to a higher level of scrutiny, but it is still anticipated that it will be approved.

There will almost certainly be new items in the works now that Fitbit is on board. And it is quite probable that they will be released under the Google name or a name that is a derivation of the Google identity.

Rebranding might be done for a number of reasons, one of which is to make it clearer to customers what the operating system is supposed to do. WearOS is a more descriptive name than Google Smartwatch, and it’s also simpler to locate using the search function of the App Store.

To refresh your memory, Google has already changed the name of its operating system for smartwatches once. WearOS was formerly known as Android Wear before it was rebranded with the somewhat more attention-grabbing moniker in March of 2018. The phrase “by Google” was affixed to the end of the firm’s name from the beginning, but it seems that this may soon be changed to “by Google Smartwatch.”

Both the Google App Store and the Apple Store have been updated to reflect the new setting at this very moment. On the latter, though, it states “Wear OS by Google-Smartwatch,” which is a little different from the former. Additionally, the new name has been included in the page title for the Wear OS website. It’s interesting to note that this one is also quite unique since it refers to “Wear OS by Google Smartwatches.”

It’s important to note that the former brand name “Wear OS by Google” is still shown on all of the product logos, as well as in the help materials and other places. Due to the fact that there has been no formal announcement made by Google, it is currently unknown whether or not this is in fact a complete rebranding process.

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