The TicWatch Pro includes a screen that is see-through and is overlaid on top of the primary display

The TicWatch Pro from Mobvoi is the latest Wear OS-powered smartwatch to hit the market. The fact that it features a see-through screen that is superimposed over the primary display of the wristwatch is its primary selling point. This combination provides a novel capability for reducing power consumption.

The OLED display that is used for displaying information when you are engaging with the watch is quite typical. In all other circumstances, the primary display will be replaced by an LCD screen that is translucent and only displays black and white. Battery life is extended while displaying information such as the time, number of steps taken, and heart rate. When you bring the watch closer to your face or tap anywhere on the screen, the OLED display will become active once more.

The TicWatch Pro has a battery life of approximately two days on a single charge, which is about average for a Wear OS device with all of its features. If you turn off all of the intelligent functions, the transparent screen should be able to keep it running in “Essential Mode” for approximately one month. This mode is quite basic, but it will still track the number of steps you take, your heart rate, and the calories you burn.

There is nothing novel about a screen that is continually active. In contrast to the Apple Watch, Wear OS watches have always included technology that enables the display to remain active while the watch is in a low-power mode. However, this new strategy increases the battery’s total life.

Aside from its innovative screen technology, the watch also includes Near Field Communication (NFC) for making mobile payments with Google Pay, a heart-rate sensor and other fitness tracking features, the ability to display notifications, and other features. There is a chance that the company with headquarters in China will introduce an LTE model for the American market.

When everything is taken into account, it looks like this is going to be a good addition to the Wear OS ecosystem. You may anticipate the TicWatch Pro becoming available for less than $300 at some point during the summer.

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