The TicWris GTS, Which Costs $25, Is A Wrist-Based Thermometer That Monitors Your Temperature

The TicWris GTS, Which Costs $25, Is A Wrist-Based Thermometer That Monitors Your Temperature

TicWris GTS is the world’s first temperature-tracking smartwatch, and it was recently released.It is claimed that the wearable, which costs $25, can take a reading in as little as three seconds.

The previous month, we wrote about TicWris. The business came up with the incredibly enormous Ticwris Max 4G. It has a widescreen display that is 2.86 inches in size for all of your browsing requirements.

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Now TicWris is here with something entirely new to present to you. This time around, it’s an Appel-style watch that has a special feature: it can measure your temperature directly off the wrist.

The watch’s ability to accomplish this raises the issue of how it really works. Wearable gadgets manufactured by more well-known companies, such as Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin, are unable to take a person’s temperature while being worn by that person.

It looks like TicWris has a thermistor built right in (a temperature monitoring device). This enables measurements to be taken whenever they are needed, in addition to readings being taken automatically at certain times throughout the day. The companion smartphone app gives consumers the ability to personalize high-temperature alerts, allowing them to be notified in real-time of any spikes that may occur. Before you take the initial reading, it is recommended that you wear the gadget continuously for at least one hour.

There is a health warning that should be brought to your attention.

According to TicWris, the watch is not a medical device, and the results of the tests cannot be used on a clinical basis. TicWris also claims that the temperature measured by the watch on the arm skin surface is 0.3 °C-0.7 °C lower than the temperature measured by a medical mercury thermometer in the armpit.

Despite this, the feature seems like it may be valuable, provided that it is correct. Especially now, in the middle of the widespread COVID-19 outbreak.

In addition, there is a pedometer sensor, an optical heart rate sensor, and a gravity sensor hidden away in the engine compartment. The watch also monitors blood oxygen levels, heart rate, activity levels, as well as sleep and blood pressure, in addition to temperature.

The last item on this list makes yet another audacious assertion. However, just today, Samsung was granted permission to be used to collect blood pressure readings from the wrist by South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. This permission was granted today. It would seem that one is able to utilize the optical heart rate sensor in order to get accurate readings of one’s blood pressure.

The Ticwris GTS seems to be quite similar to the Apple Watch, and it is possible that it may be confused with the Amazfit GTS. It has a 1.3-inch colour TFT display with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels that is protected by 4D curved glass. Everything here has a water-resistance certification of IP68, which means it can withstand being submerged in water.

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The capability to stream text messages, phone calls, and other smartphone alerts is an additional feature that ought to be mentioned. The item is also capable of commanding your smartphone to snap images, play music, and locate certain areas.

The battery within the watch has a capacity of 160 mAh, and it is paired with a CPU that has 32 bits and 64 MHz. The Arm Cortex M4F. It has a running duration of around five days between charges and a standby period of approximately twenty-four hours.

On Gearbest right now, you can get a TicWris GTS for just $24.99, which is a discount of around one-third off of its typical price. Keep an eye out for our comprehensive review coming in the next few weeks. The promises that it can accurately measure temperature and blood pressure are quite exciting to us, and we can’t wait to put them to the test.

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