The Timex Women's IQ+ Move: Taking a Look at the Sleek Wearable Fitness Tracker for Women

The Timex IQ+ Move stands out in the fitness industry, which is dominated by smartwatches that are either big or have a dull appearance. It features the trendy appearance of a classic analog clock and only a modest amount of functionality that may be considered “smart.” Even though it has a limited number of capabilities, its sophisticated design and excellent craftsmanship can make up for its lack of functionality. Without a doubt, a fantastic fitness tracker for women that can be used at all times.

But First, Some Backstory

The Timex IQ+ Move is a hybrid watch that has a more streamlined design than the Metropolitan+. Compared to its predecessor, it does not bring any new functionality with it; however, it has enhanced aesthetics and a price point that is more appealing.

The brand’s goal in developing the IQ+ Move was to produce a beautiful hybrid watch, and it succeeded magnificently in doing so. If you look at it, you would never guess that it records the number of steps you take, the distance you travel, and the calories you burn.

This slick clock conceals its ability to track fitness in a way that is not shown by its design in any way.

However, it allows you to define exercise goals, set alarms, and control them with your phone all at the same time. Although it may not be suitable for athletes who are obsessed with collecting data, it fits in perfectly with the lifestyle of a lady who is less concerned with numbers but is nonetheless dedicated to staying in shape.

Let’s Take a Glance at Some of its Features

The IQ+ Move uses Bluetooth to establish a connection with your smartphone; however, in spite of this connectivity, it does not provide any intelligent notifications.

The only purpose of app synchronization is to monitor your fitness metrics, which will be covered in more detail later.

You won’t ever have to worry about time zones, daylight saving times, or short months; however, you might have to manually re-sync it every once in a while. Even though it may have a limited number of capabilities, it will still keep the time and date synchronized with your phone.

Not only can you control the hands of the watch with your phone, but it also has a number of other valuable features.

You also have the option to set a daily alarm that plays sound. Even though there is no way to turn it off, this feature is a pleasant bonus for those mornings when you absolutely have to drag yourself out of bed and face the day.

You shouldn’t anticipate any more bells and whistles. On the plus side, all of the integrated functionalities are precise and perform exceptionally well almost all of the time.

The Design Timex IQ+ Move is among the sleekest, smallest, and most sophisticated fitness trackers that are currently available on the market. It is ideal for the woman who is up to date on the latest fashion trends, is dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and wants to look her best both at work and the gym.

Even though it has a face that is 37 millimeters in diameter, this watch is compact enough to fit flawlessly on most wearers’ wrists.

You may switch from a more traditional look to a more sporty one in the blink of an eye, thanks to the two 18 mm bands that come with the watch. These bands are made of leather and silicone, respectively. The leather wristbands are available in four different colors, so you may choose one that best suits your individuality and sense of fashion.

The face of the watch has the uncluttered look of a traditional wristwatch, complete with hour and minute markers as well as three hands.

You can easily view the time or your progress even when it’s dark, thanks to the addition of lovely blue lighting, which comes as a great bonus.

Those men who appreciate this hybrid watch’s appearance and straightforward functionality will be happy to learn that it is also available in a larger, 41 mm case size.

Fitness Tracking Although the Timex IQ+ Move is not designed for intensive health and activity monitoring, it is a good option for fitness-focused women who are willing to overlook the fact that it does not have any intelligent functions.

At first glance, it appears to function in precisely the same way as a standard timekeeper. The hands of the analog watch display the time, and the date can be seen by pressing a button and rearranging the hands in a different order.

There is neither a secret touch display nor an interface that can be utilized in any way.

An IQ+ Move is a wearable gadget that monitors the quality of your sleep as well as the number of calories you burn. It is compatible with devices made by both Apple and Android.

The number of metrics that are watched increases to four thanks to the addition of step and distance tracking provided by an accelerometer.

Even though it is not GPS-enabled, which means that the distance it measures is not always exact, we are pretty impressed with how well it counts the steps.

Despite the fact that it does not monitor swimming metrics, this watch is waterproof and may be used while showering or while swimming.

The fitness tracker can wirelessly communicate with your device through Bluetooth and may be easily managed with the companion software for the Timex Connected platform. Using the app is a breeze because it is so straightforward and easy to understand.

Except for the step count, which is also displayed on a second dial on the watch, all of the information that has been gathered is only accessible through the app.

It is said that the IQ+ Move will instantly sync with all of your devices, and since it has an onboard memory that can store seven days’ worth of information, you won’t have to worry about transferring data every single day.

However, the automated synchronization may fail on occasion; therefore, if you don’t want to lose any data, it is always advisable to check and synchronize the information on your own manually.

Main Advantages of the Timex IQ+ Move

  1. Design that is both aesthetically pleasing and resistant to water
  2. Accurate monitoring of both sleep and daily activities.
  3. An app that is simple to use and quick to sync.
  4. It is simple to operate the hands of the watch with your phone.
  5. Compared to other hybrid watches, this one is more compact and elegant.
  6. Incredible longevity from the battery.

Main Disadvantages of the Timex IQ+ Move

  1. Features for monitoring fitness that are really basic,
  2. There are no intelligent notifications.
  3. No GPS.

The Way That We Tested The Watch

We decided to put the Timex IQ+ Move’s claim that it is comfortable to wear all the time to the test by wearing it around the clock for a whole week.

The precision with which the tracking was performed amazed us. It did a fantastic job at tracking the distance when contrasted with the GPS on our phone. It did display a little bit more than the map showed, but that’s because the watch also counts the steps taken indoors as well as outside.

It functions wonderfully even when submerged in water, and syncing it with a mobile device was a breeze. The straps can be switched out in a matter of seconds, making this one of the most versatile women’s hybrid watches available. Overall, this watch is among the best available.

Summary and Final Thoughts

The Timex IQ+ Move is a sophisticated timepiece that only has the most essential tracking capabilities.

It is an excellent option for girls who are interested in physical fitness but are not obsessed with numbers and place a higher priority on appearance than functionality.

The IQ+ Move is an attractive option to go with if you are looking for precise tracking of your fitness without excessively confusing menus and applications.

It is accurate and waterproof, making it suited for both traditional uses and activity tracking applications.

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